Arctic Alarmists Facing Imminent Meltdown

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7 Responses to Arctic Alarmists Facing Imminent Meltdown

  1. D. Jones says:

    Thank you for exposing climate change alarmists . I am ashamed of the ABC here in Australia for pushing fake news. It is a leftist organisation and has an agenda.

    I am a retired scientist and know what the pressures can be like to obtain research funds in order to survive. I am sure it encourages many climate scientists to bend the truth and spread panic so as to promote and finance their own careers.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. rah says:

    The alarmists have been alternately wringing their hands over Arctic ice and pulling their hair out over glaciers. Today is a glacier day based on my MSN news feed:

  3. richard says:

    Nice ! short and punchy.

  4. Don Gaetano says:

    I think that’s a winning strategy Tony. For the Alarmist believers it’s probably good to hit only one point with a brief, incontrovertible Truth with chart and explanation as you always do, only just one as here.
    Bricks of Truth building an impenetrable wall of Scientific accuracy.

    It’s so hard to admit you’re wrong about something you’re fully invested in. This could really help free these people. I’ll be trying this one soon. Once people admit something this big they were wrong about, it’s a cathartic experience, real emotional growth and benefits……. As long as they can enjoy it and not be angry and bitter.

    I’d like to see a brief one on the ludicrousness of CO2 being the thermostat of the world, I mean just in the volume of it, a trace gas, Trace, though all important to life, an absolutely necessity. More actually beneficial as our beloved Mr Happer said.

    OK I’m rambling a bit, thanks much Tony. Your vids have real potential but the difficulty is like bringing people out of a cult, I think the spoon feeding may work.
    Thanks again. D

  5. Caleb Shaw says:

    Thanks for the video.

    The point needs to be made over and over and over and over to Alarmists that a “Death Spiral” of sea-ice needs to go in one; and only one, direction, to be a true spiral. Otherwise it is a “snarled slinky”, and that just doesn’t sound scary: “Death Snarled Slinky”.

    I don’t see how they can call 2018 “second lowest” when both 2007 and 2012 were lower. They must be referring to a particular day rather than the absolute minimum. In any case, sea-ice seemed to hit a “warm” PDO and “Warm” AMO equilibrium in 2007, and has flat-lined at those levels ever since. Things will change when the PDO and AMO become “cold”. This will demolish the Alarmist premise that more open water will lead to sunshine warming water more, which will lead to more open water. Where they see a vicious cycle and a one-way trend-line, actual fact seems to show undulations as natural as the tides, (though we haven’t learned to predict them the way we predict the tides.)

  6. gregg a powell says:

    Glad I found this web site. The work is exceptionally detailed and provides a much needed counter to the climate alarmists. For most of them (the Alarmists), it borders on a religion. For those who buy into such accounts of impending climate catastrophe such as climate change and global warming, it often provides a ‘raison d’etre’…. a reason for their being. Once they are heavily vested in such a thing, it is so very difficult for them to let go. It supplants actual religion for many. That is why it is push hard by the left, those who are ‘liberally’ minded… they making decisions based on ‘feelings’ rather than rational thought or reason…. they tend towards these beliefs out of stupidity.

  7. anothermaninthemirror says:


    Good change of strategy. It would be really beneficial to co-ordinate such a strategy with other Climate Change Realists blog sites e.g. CFACTS, Climate Change Dispatch, What’s Up With That, Stop these Things, Friends of Science, Jo Nova, GWPF, Climate Discussion, Polar Bear Science, Not A Lot Of People Know That, No Tricks Zone, Science Matters, Climate ETC., Climatism, Bjorn Lomborg “Get the facts straight” and all the other Climate Change Realist blog sites, so that coordinated rebuttals can be, effectively and quickly able to broadcast opposing views to these propaganda articles that the mass media produce daily about CACC.

    It is suggested that , the lies and untruths of this Cult can be more easily exposed to the silent majority if you guys meet and coordinate such a strategy?

    Have you ever considered doing this?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep these video’s coming… thanks.

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