Rewriting America’s History

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9 Responses to Rewriting America’s History

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Excellent video. Every member of Congress should see this.

    Still waiting for the investigations….

  2. D. Boss says:

    Keep exposing the lies!

    At least in this case the old data was or is still available. Have a look at the following:

    The author points out with the satellite data, you could alter the data in an undetectable way, with a few lines of code hidden in mundane or routine parts of the code….

    In other words some [warmist] cult fanatic could sabotage the satellite data without actually having control of the satellite or data per se….

    Or in other words, instead of overtly altering the data as with thermometers the data from satellites could be covertly altered leaving no trace of the tampering in the data record.

    Eventually any scheme to fraudulently alter the data would fail, as folks realize reality does not conform with the official partly line – but by then we might have lost all freedoms to do anything about it!

    • Bob Philp says:

      Nah. Never happen. Future desktops will all have AI. We’ll rely on HAL(9000) daily updates on Climate Catastrophe, daily Impeachments, hourly Extinctions and swimming lessons to be ready for the weekly world floods during bushfire horrors famine and overpopulation.

  3. Karl Svozil says:

    May I very kindly ask you how do you get the raw data? All I can get is the “homogenized” data at NOAA’s Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) @

  4. Karl Svozil says:

    I would also be interested in Tony’s opinion on “Fourteen Is the New Fifteen!” @
    According to the leaders of the global warming doomsday cult, the average surface temperature of Earth is 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 degrees Fahrenheit), but this is a new value which has quietly replaced the original average of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit).

    In March 1988, a few months before NASA’s James Hansen asserted

  5. Aussie says:

    Thanks Tony.

    The key question here, in my mind, is WHY DOES NOAA FAKE 50% OF TEMPERATURE READINGS?

    There is no logical reason when they have, supposedly, a perfectly good network of stations. You have correctly deduced that they are “making it up as they go along” literally.

    Where is Trump on this one? He has his hands full with the corrupt impeachment stupidity, but he should organise an official review of NOAA, and terminate, very publicly, those who are committing fraud here.

  6. Ian Fairbairn says:

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for another great video. Like you, I won’t accept any orthodoxy without satisfying myself of the facts as best I can. I was until recently blindly accepting the mainstream climate change story.

    It was Piers Corbyn here in the UK who was the first convincing sceptic I came across. I want to open my brother’s eyes to this but he sees the likes of you and myself now as “deniers”. This video is very powerful but I have searched in vain for the raw data you show graphically. Where exactly is this available from?

    Without that he will decry the message I’m sure. Thanks if you can point me to where I can download the raw data you use in your 1999 and 2019 graphs demonstrating the alterations by NASA.

  7. Kenneth Wilson says:

    Tony….I have been communicating with Robert Lee Hotz Science Writer for the WSJ after his recent article on climate change. I complained about NOAA/NASA data manipulation and he sent me several links to review. In one I found the reasoning behind the bias adjustments:
    Can you debunk some of this for us? Also, I recommended he contact you and do a story if he thinks you are not correct in your postings and write a story about it. I hope he does.

  8. GrilledTomatoes says:

    Outstanding as always, sir.

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