Missed It By That Much …

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  1. TomRude says:

    In Canada, a neuroscientist who dared expose the mismanagement of the crisis in Saskatchewan, specially regarding to lack of testing, was forced to post an apology that sounded like a Communist show trial out of the 1930s
    Watch his apology dated April 14: https://www.facebook.com/588120184/videos/10158026757955185/
    But that was not enough.
    Nearly two weeks after his contrition act, the public broadcaster Canadian Broadcasting Corporation decided to go for the jugular and make an example of him through what amounts to a indictment piece
    The message is clear: do not dare contradicting the WHO/Vaccine lobby or face consequences.
    Hence the uniform praise for their Health Officers media can shove up Canadian populace’s throats.
    Deep state rules.

    • arn says:

      So experts who do not follow the line of the commies
      are treated like crap-
      just like in Climate Science.

      Who ever dares to challenge the globalist narrative,be it
      AGW or WHO or UN will be attacked.

    • Charlotte Welcker says:

      Ezekiel Emanuel is for implementing human population control. He’s probably disappointed his death predictions were so far off in more ways than one.

    • Mark A Luhman says:

      Present testing is to the most part worthless, it tell us not much, it a snapshot in time, it does not tell us what the virus first showed up, it does not tell us who had it and has recovered. To the most point is worthless since most cases show no sign of any illness. The true picture will emerge with good antibody test, the are about a month away, the would have been here in March if the CCP did not lie and hide what was going on in China.

  2. arn says:

    Fearmongering and defective brains are mandatory for their ideology and
    it gets worse the higher the rank in their hierarchy.

    (and i’m pretty sure Ezekiel Emmanuel pulled the Hockeystick out of Mann’s ass that worked so well with AGW to get his scientific prediction)

  3. gregole says:

    They get on the news. Make unholy drastic predictions. Then vanish. All is forgotten.

  4. Peter says:

    That’s terrible

  5. Mark Amey says:

    Thanks for the Maxwell Smart reference ??

  6. John B() says:

    Actually, if current theory holds, there were TEN or TENS of Million cases; they just went unnoticed or weren’t worth a trip to Rx –

    But I’m sure the “good” doctor MEANT a hundred million cases that required attention

  7. JSMill says:

    Thank God for terrible poker players like ‘Zeke” … he’s so transparent, if you’re wondering, on the fence, of whether the “virus angle” is indeed a coordinated plot to regain power in the elections – the guy blows it wide open. Of course it is.

    The virus is real, not as deadly as feared … that’s gonna come out, so archive footage of all the BS from people like “Zeke” … UGH.

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