German Lockdown “Completely Unnecessary” “Unbelievably Damaging To The Economy”

Pierre Gosselin reports from Germany:

“All the panic was fanned by the Robert Koch Institute, who said on March 20th that in the best case we will see 300,000 dead, and maybe 1.5 million dead.” Today the number is well under 5000.”

Prominent German Prof Says COVID-19 Lockdown “Completely Unnecessary”, “Unbelievably Damaging To The Economy”

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5 Responses to German Lockdown “Completely Unnecessary” “Unbelievably Damaging To The Economy”

  1. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Also there is this study that says most people, perhaps 60%, already have some immunity to COVID-19.

    “The researchers in their paper suggest that the immune response seen in the uninfected blood samples could have been generated by the coronaviruses that cause the common cold.”

  2. Eric says:

    Title: necessary or unnecessary?

  3. jb says:

    Hi Tony:

    Your Posting title reads “completely necessary”.

    But the quotes from German Prof read “completely UNnecessary”

    Is it possible you have a typo?

  4. MrGrimNasty says:

    17% keeps coming up for the Herd Immunity Threshold – it certainly seems to be some sort of breakpoint.

    Antibody random testing in London – which had the highest surge and fastest decline of CV19 in the UK, and was the only place where it managed to run free before the lockdown could really take effect – yep 17%.

    The rest of the UK, where the lockdown may have delayed some spread, is about 5%, and the curve in these places is more of a straight line, not really declining much.

    This could of course all just be a massive coincidence/conjecture!

  5. Charles Straw says:

    Only within the last for days have I returned to watching a bit of mainstream news

    And now that the huddled masses have been carefully allowed outside to enjoy beaches and limited restaurant dining, our local anchors are simply overjoyed

    Just three weeks ago it was all gloom and doom, but now during Memorial Day weekend, “America is getting back to the task of having fun!”

    As I’ve said before, I hate to see people turned into manipulated chumps…

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