Sydney Temperatures The Same As 230 Years Ago

Temperatures in Sydney are about the same as 230 years ago, though summer and autumn temperatures were hotter in the past.

AMOJ 58_2.pdf

January of 1790 was also the warmest January on record in Philadelphia.

A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Philadelphia: From January 1 … – Charles Peirce – Google Books

Temperatures haven’t risen in Sydney, and neither has the ocean.


What has increased in Sydney is the Urban Heat Island Effect, at one of the worst sited thermometers in the world.

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9 Responses to Sydney Temperatures The Same As 230 Years Ago

  1. Crispin in Waterloo says:

    So man can change the climate – making heat islands. If we plant a forest like all those in South Africa except the natural one on the south coast, it creates “cool islands”: Go to God’s Window and experience one for yourself. There are now huge forests on the Eastern side of South Africa with major cooling effects.

    The black wattles also harvest water directly out of the air and drop it onto their roots. The government, of course, wants to cut them all down: it’s the green thing to do. And anyway, why would South Africa need tens of millions of trees! It should return to its natural state of unbroken grassland. Trees! Pf-f-f-ft!

  2. Brian D says:

    I know this is OT in this post, but the Greenland Sea ice is at the doorstep of Jan Mayen Island. It hasn’t been this close for almost 2 decades, and especially considering that it’s mid-May.

  3. Brian D says:

    Here’s an ice map from mid May 2001. It shows the ice near Jan Mayen. Notice also the ice in the Bering Sea is also similar to this year as well.

  4. Bruce Bailey says:

    This would have to be one of the earliest and scientifically sound temperature records anywhere. What is interesting is the modern temperatures are not higher as you would expect from urban heat island effect. Maybe proximity to the harbour is a factor.

  5. ColA says:

    If you get on gargoyle earth you can get a great little view of the BoM station over a steel picket fence at the end of a concrete path, with 2 overgrown side fences and a nice cosy tall brick wall facing north to keep the station nice and cosy warm on those cold winther nights!! :-)
    ALL totally NON-COMPLIANT whith the BoM Weather Station Specifications, as are hundreds of other Australian Stations!

  6. Joel says:

    I don’t know what it is or who generates it but there’s a website calling itself Science Alert that has tons of Climate Alarmist articles that Google promotes like crazy. Like the sea level rise is becoming much worse! Etc. There’s only about 6 articles that come up at my Google homepage and “Science Alert” is a frequent feature.

  7. spangled drongo says:

    Mean sea levels at Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour, in that picture above have actually fallen 87 mm since their first recorded MSL in May 1914 to their latest in Feb 2020:

    Sydney Harbour is a stilling pond adjacent to the biggest piece of ocean in the world.

  8. Nixon Scraypes says:

    It’s so great to see a bit of sanity, thanks Tony. No body I know even dares to look at your site. They’re frightened of being called conspiracy theorists I think. I’ve always been aware of global norming but it’s much worse than I thought. You can tell who the criminals are now, they’re the only ones not wearing masks and gloves.

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