Hasn’t Met Winston Churchill Yet

She hasn’t met Winston Churchill yet, so can’t say if his statue should be taken down.


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  1. John Francis says:

    U.S. schools?
    Any testing in schools?
    Just promote students.
    Don’t want to hurt feelings.

    • arn says:

      The tragedy about this masterpiece of affirmative action is
      that this is woman is one of the smarter and reasonable ones,
      as she at least gives reason and fairness a chance
      by admitting that she needs more information
      instead of trying to tear everything down.

  2. johnbuk says:

    So many people, difficult to keep up with who’s here and who isn’t.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      That’s a non-binary problem. Don’t oversimplify it. This woman is here but not completely …

  3. John F. Hultquist says:

    I don’t think I’ve met George yet, but we live in a state named after him. We are 40 miles away from a small town named George. Most years there is a Festival there on the 4th of July.

    There was a restaurant there named Martha’s Inn. Neither Martha nor George were there.

    I’d like my statue put up before I die. Okay?

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Speechless. SMH

  5. D. Boss says:

    Anyone who thinks we can “reason” with virtually anyone in the latest several generations – is being silly. We (in almost all western countries) are churning out absolute idiots who have been indoctrinated with falsehoods about socialism etc.

    Back in the good old days of the Soviet Union and the Cold War, the Soviets said outright that they were not going to win a shooting war… but would simply infiltrate our schools and indoctrinate the next several generations.

    We see the result of this, even though that Communist experiment failed and the original perpetrators are long dead.

    One way you can brainwash and indoctrinate people is to ban the teaching of history, or modify what is taught. Case and point is the above asinine figure hired to be an advisor to police groups who does not know who Winston Churchill is!

    But this learned ignorance is everywhere, and permeates every level of our society.

    I’ll give you another example – instead of sitting on my butt in retirement I have been working as an automotive tech repairing mostly high end cars. It keeps both mind and body active.

    Had a mid 30’s lady come in with headlight issues some months ago, and I asked her if it was her “low beam” or “high beam” lamps that were not working? She replied with sincere astonishment: “what are high beams?”

    So I showed here how to actuate them. But with my colleagues later I commented “how the frack can you obtain a Driver’s License and not know what high beams are?”

    Ignorance is rampant – ingrained with our entire educational system. And on top of that, false narratives abound and are growing like intellectual cancer – which will devour/destroy civil society if left unchecked.

  6. Mark Amey says:

    She deserves a prize for being a special girl!

  7. Scott K Jonas says:

    I’ve been wondering if they’ll pull down the Rocky stature in Philadelphia. They’ll probably leave him alone, and probably any statues of Lincoln. But it seems more likely they’ll eventually pull down any statues and paintings which depict founding fathers who were also slave owners, like George Washington.

  8. Chris says:

    I think this is a reasonable stance to take.

  9. Gtec says:

    You really, really, can’t make such ignorance up.

  10. KevinPaul says:

    She wouldn’t want to meet him anyway, Rooseveldt often referred to him as “that drunken bum” and indeed he was a racist, so accurately portrayed in the film A United Kingdom. Still, are they to recall all the commemorative coins depicting his bust to be melted down in an attempt to erase his legacy, where does one stop.

    All revolutions in past history purged the system of any vestiges of skeletal remains that identified with the former values, this must now indicate that we are undergoing a social(ist) revolution, and the pendulums have now swung towards passive surrender of rights and freedoms to our politically correct Big Brother our honorable loving guardian. Don’t tell anyone it’s just Feudalism reincarnated and we are mere villeins. Should we thus resist and fight, and become a villain against this tyranny.

  11. Peter Carroll says:

    Just another progressively educated, social justice, snowflake, trying to convince herself of her own self importance.
    We should team her up with that other semi educated beacon of human understanding, dear Greta.

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