Twitter Censorship Update

Over the past five days, I have 344 new Twitter followers, by my follower count is down seven.

Twitter has accomplished this by removing followers at a slightly higher rate than I gain them.

Twitter suspended the accounts of three of my last four “unfollowers.”

And Twitter restricted the account of the fourth unfollower, and removed all of his followers. I don’t see any unusual activity in the account.

I queried him about this.

Here is his response

Twitter is doing this to many climate skeptics and conservatives.

I am considering a lawsuit against Twitter. They are not making any attempt to hide their censorship against conservatives now.

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30 Responses to Twitter Censorship Update

  1. Steve Case says:

    Go for it! I’ve given to go fund me accounts and I will do it again. I expect a lot of other people will do the same.

  2. Jeff L. says:


    Maybe the best thing you could do is to share this information with the current administration. They could use it as ammunition.

  3. Bob Hoye says:

    Like rust, socialists never sleep.

  4. Chaeremon says:

    Re: considering lawsuit

    Please switch to; I never donate via PayPal (but others can if they want).

  5. Old Grumpus says:

    Time to start a new Twitter for normal people.
    What to call it?

  6. Tony,

    You lost me as a follower as I’d had enough of the cesspit. Keep up the good work, regardless

  7. richard says:

    As a utility they are not allowed to do this?

  8. Kozlowski says:

    Social media has enormous and unchecked power to change opinions, swing elections and shape society to their liking.

    To address this, we need laws that force them to “open the algorithm.” Show us how they put their finger on the scale. Both as actual code and in plain English. Needs to be a federal law applying to any company with users in the United States.

    We also need a law that requires social media companies, once network effects have come into play, to stop banning users. For any users violating terms, there should be a clear rule set, a clear escalation path, a way to appeal, and the only ultimate sanction, would be to make the account read-only. And even for that it should never be more than 90 days at a time.

    Because right now they are massively and unfairly advantaging one political party, one political ideology over all others. It is unacceptable. If not done soon, our nation will be lost.

  9. G W Smith says:

    Twitter believes it is unstoppable, as do all criminals.

  10. Rud Istvan says:

    If you do, I will make a financial contribution as with Peter Ridd.

  11. Bob72270 says:

    The Twitter purge of my followers mirrors yours. It started late last year, like they were testing the waters. Then in April net losses every month. The reasons were the same Conservative followers purged & zeroed out.

    Here’s my Net Follower counts:

    Sept 2019 +389
    Oct 2019 +883
    Nov 2019 +20
    Dec 2019 +267
    Jan 2020 -8
    Feb 2020 +417
    Mar 2020 +113
    April 2020 -70
    May 2020 -145
    June 2020 -93

    I went from more than 20,200 Followers down less than to 19,950. My twitter name is Bob72270

  12. Kent Steinkamp says:

    They’re making a calculation that no civil action filed against them will mature to a point that restricts their censorship before the elections.

  13. Cathy says:

    I just now tried to check whether I am still following you, but saw that your account has been suspended ?

  14. Mary says:

    Please sue them. This is what needs to happen.

  15. Susan says:

    You could use Gab to get your messages out– a bit more work but

  16. Kurt in Switzerland says:

    Perhaps hearings could be raised in the Senate (the concept would be anathema to House leaders).

  17. fruitloops says:

    unfortunately the solution to many issues lies in abandoning these quasi private platforms, and I realize the masses are glued to them. I’ve never had any of them and have done alright I think in terms of informing myself with just email and my fingers on a keyboard. In the end I think any gains from having access to the sheep at the feeding lot are offset by the fact all the toxic suppliers are there. We need to find a strategy to get the sheep to start foraging for themselves off the land, where they can then bump into other like-minded natural foragers and form natural herds.

  18. Dan Kurt says:

    RE: Twitter censorship of the NON-WOKE

    Why not switch to Gab.

    Or, post on each site simutaneously but add to the Twitter post a direct link to Gab so as to encourage your followers to visit you there.

    Dan Kurt

  19. Russell Cook says:

    I’m much less adept at figuring out how Twitter works. I have two accounts, @QuestionAGW and @GelbspanFiles, and I keep an eye on the tally of followers on a near-daily basis, mostly to see when new followers are added. It’s somewhat fun to see how long the AGW zealot followers last, usually an indicator of how long it takes before they realize I’m not on their side. Same with the followers who’s only purpose is to gain me as a follower, once their programs discover I didn’t follow back.

    The mystery thing I’ve noticed lately is that both accounts show an increase by one or two in the tally of followers every few days then both randomly decrease by one or two a few days later, but when I look at the top of the lists of followers, I almost always never see the new followers and can’t readily see who the most recent of the followers were who bailed out.

  20. paul courtney says:

    I have had clients who want to sue, for instance, because they bought a house and the roof leaks. Maybe the seller covered it up and lied, and the buyer has a good suit. However, after paying experts and attorneys and costs, it’s cheaper to fix the roof and pay for it, chalk it up to lessons learned in life. (My advice led to less revenue for me, but I sleep pretty good).
    Mr. H, my advice is to put money into a viable alternative to twitter. Get together with tech people who can match twitter software etc. and launch with a small team of conservative commenters. Remember Charles Krauthammer? Brilliant guy, he used to say that FOX News found a “niche” audience- half of America that was ignored by tv news. It could be quite a money maker for whoever gets it done. Please don’t waste money on a lawsuit against twitter, remember Mark Steyn beat CRTV up pretty good, and he can’t collect!

  21. Kris Steffens says:

    Wow, this is “almost” unbelievable, except for the fact that it’s happening on a daily basis across the spectrum of conservative/truth telling persons and organizations. I do hope you are able to sue and I hope the Justice Dept. follows through on their promise to look into the monopoly on free speech regulation that big tech has been enjoying.
    God Speed

  22. Andrew Evans says:

    Get a class action going against Twitter they haven’t got a leg to stand on. This is blatant discrimination and the only way to get this to stop is to hurt them in the pocket. Plus we all need to spread this far and wide.

  23. Lurch says:

    I have had numerous accounts banned by Twitter, and their BS fall back excuse is “abuse.” I have never “abused” anybody, I merely disagreed with their political positions. That’s enough for Twitter’s blue haired SJW stasi.

  24. Joel says:

    Need action from DOJ or Congress on this. The childish anti-Trump takeover of the House in 2018 insured continued censorship by social media.

  25. just a thought says:

    “I am considering a lawsuit against Twitter. They are not making any attempt to hide their censorship against conservatives now.”

    And when it goes to SCOTUS, you will lose, because the majority are now leftists.

    Why? This may explain it.

    Funny thing about a parasite. It never realizes that a dead host is no host.

  26. rah says:

    This is of course all about the coming election and the lefts agenda. I’ll help as I can Tony but I would suggest there have to many others that you could join with you to make it class action or at least have multiple litigants to spread the cost and make it so you can afford to get the very best legal representation available to take on twitter. I’m thinking people like James Woods, Mollie Hemingway, etc, etc…………

    Here is an interesting event that is not about Twitter but related in a way.
    “Sick, Twisted and Evil – Six eBay Executives Charged With Disturbing Cyberstalking…”

  27. Gator says:

    I am considering a lawsuit against Twitter.

    I believe a GoFundMe page is in order, and that it would attract many sympathetic donors.

  28. rah says:

    So what the hell is going on here? My posts on this string have all disappeared!

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