New Video : Life Returning To Normal In Sweden

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  1. MGJ says:

    Such a beautifully clear voice, one can hear every word effortlessly and it not even her native language. It wasn’t cool to like them at the time and I think their talent was hugely underestimated.

  2. RegretLeft says:

    Makes perfect sense that the premier climate skeptic on the internet would transition into one of the premier Covid skeptics. Thank you for what you are doing.

    One question, briefly, that I have been meaning to ask: you keep referring to “number of cases” but don’t seem at all critical about that concept. That surprises me. Is it just a strategic move in your thinking “even IF we accept the claims about number of cases, then … ” such and such skeptical questions follow.

    Surely you understand that just like the climate data, that figure is susceptible to manipulation and downright fraud. e.g. the reliability of the test – the mixing of “just antibodies present” result, the many labs in FL returning 100% positive results, the many 1000s of US Military personnel who got letters: “you tested positive” but were never tested and on and on and on.

  3. Larry Weeden says:

    Thanks Tony!

  4. Windsong says:

    Been an ABBA fan for about 45 years. It makes me feel old when I realize Agnetha is now 70 and Frida will be 75 later this year. But the images in my brain of the ladies are just like the classic one from the video in this post.

  5. TRM says:

    Nobel-laureate Dr. Michael Levitt (Chemistry and structural biology at Stanford) has made another prediction on July 25, 2020:

    “US COVID19 will be done in 4 weeks [Aug 25] with total reported deaths below 170,000. How will we know it is over? Like for Europe, when all cause excess deaths are at normal level for week. Reported COVID19 deaths may continue after 25 Aug. & reported cases will, but it will be over.”

    Previous prediction: Back on May 4th, 2020 he said: “If Sweden stops at about 5,000 or 6,000 deaths, we will know that they’ve reached herd immunity, and we didn’t need to do any kind of lockdown.”

    July 27, 2020: As of July 24, 2020 Sweden has 5,700 deaths:

    – Conclusion: The lockdown was needless and all the damage done was for nothing.

  6. Billyjack says:

    Fauci is a government “scientist”. Just like the climate “scientists” their only job is to provide science that supports the government position and attack any science that does not.

  7. PTCalf says:

    My wife shared a link with me for a story on, the ABC affiliate in Atlanta. Here is the headline, “White House task force puts GA in ‘red zone’, committee gives state 2 weeks to send new COVID-19 plans”. Wow, that sounds bad and a departure from President Trump’s commitment to federalism and states rights. It kind of sounds like a White House committee is ready to bring down the hammer on us. My first inclination was that Trump is playing with losing GA if he starts mandating actions.

    Here’s the rub, the ‘committee’ referenced in the headline is a House of Representatives committee, you know that Democrat controlled House. Nowhere in the article does the writer explicitly say that this is a House committee. The article starts by describing the body as a ‘federal coronavirus crisis subcommittee’. For those of us who received some Civics education, that subcommittee term is a give away. But I think that hiding this fact is a purposeful action. You see, they need to make it sound like President Trump is dictating to GA. Of course, the truth is the opposite..

    The article does state that the subcommittee chairman, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D- SC) sent the letter to four states and was not targeting Republican Governors . 21 states (that’s nearly half) are in the ‘red zone’ and 17 had “not been adhering to guidelines.” The letter was only sent to the four states who had not confirmed to this Federal body that they would “comply”.

    Let me get this right. 21 states are in the ‘red zone’ and 4 of them instituted the magical guidelines from the start, so the science says? Then there’s the Democrat congressman’s choice of words, these other states “have refused to comply with the critical recommendations of the task force.” Did you catch that? They refused to comply with recommendations so Congress is requiring a new plan from the states? Setting aside the fact that a Congressional Subcommittee has no authority to require a state to provide a plan, this is how the Left operates: they ‘recommend’ and then require ‘compliance’. Read Orwell’s 1984 again and remember ‘newspeak’…we are there now. If your neighbor recommends an eating establishment there is no expected coercion if you don’t check it out (unless maybe if your neighbor is a radicalized leftist in which case your refusing to try the new place must have something to do with racism).

    This report describes life under Democrat Party control, mandates from the ‘smart people’ in DC and us uneducated rubes out there just do as we are told…or else. Way back in April when Governor Kemp was discussing the GA opening plans, Atlanta Mayor Bottoms rebutted that if it were up to her, “we would lock down the whole country.” Never were truer words spoken so let us get these leftists out of power before they are able to make such decisions ‘up to them’!

  8. Agenda 21 says:

    Sweden for two purposes

    1 Rub it in
    2 When the meteor storm comes this September going to be a bigger world wide epidemic of something and blamed on covid – Sweden will not escape this

    Sweden bringing in digital ID to catch the trains
    we all heading to the same destination unfortunately.

  9. Steven Jobe says:

    I am learning a lot from your videos, Tony. Thanks so much. I was speaking with a friend recently and I mentioned Sweden, how we might have been better off following their example more closely. She replied that the main reason Sweden did better? Their healthcare system is better and more streamlined when it comes to addressing situations like coronavirus. I had a sense that, even if she was right to some extent, it’s not the real reason behind the disparity between the USA and Sweden. But I couldn’t come up with a way to respond. Maybe you can? I know you tend to compare individual US states to Sweden more often than a direct comparison to the USA as a whole.

    • tonyheller says:

      People are not getting infected in Sweden because they have herd immunity. This has nothing to do with treatment.

  10. Sean Thompson says:

    Our local Conservative talk radio station said yesterday (Aug/11/20) that Sweden is now experiencing Covid like other countries. Anyone have information on this? Thanks.

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