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United Kingdom Coronavirus:

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  1. UKJohn says:

    The number of positive cases has increased after the introduction of masks whilst at the same time the number of hospial admissions is going down.
    The number of deaths due to Covid is also down and the 5 year running average of normal death rates is also below average.
    This just proves that for most people this virus is just a case of go home and come back when you feel better.
    All of which makes me wonder WTH is going on with the government. What are they thinking?

    • KevinPaul says:

      As tom0mason pointed out a couple of days ago, the epi(pan sic)demonic bailout packages from the IMF and World Bank (UN tentacles bankrolled by the wealthiest bankers in the world) come with strings attached, principally how the cov-2 response should be run, including lock-downs and masks etc.

      Much has been written in recent years, mainly originating from whistle-blowers about how these parasites of humanity want to asset strip the middle-class 1st world and reduce the whole planet to a feudalistic serfdom.
      These nonsensical measures we’ve seen lately fit well with how one might expect this goal to be achieved, and are just the beginning if the vision is correct.

  2. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Nice summary of scientific studies on face masks.

    Conclusion: “No RCT study with verified outcome shows a benefit for HCW or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions. Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a broad policy to wear masks in public…. All of this to say that: if anything gets through (and it always does, irrespective of the mask), then you are going to be infected. Masks cannot possibly work. It is not surprising, therefore, that no bias-free study has ever found a benefit from wearing a mask or respirator in this application.”

    It’s long past time for our health officials to start dealing in actual science instead of the pseudo-science they’ve been peddling since the beginning of this self-induced, panic-driven hysteria. They should begin today to broadcast loud and clear that there is no known benefit arising from wearing a mask in a viral respiratory illness epidemic.

    The bottom line is quite simple: Masks do not work, cannot work, and never will work.

  3. Dbark says:

    UKJ, I’m sure you’re aware but obviously a significant cause of increase in positive cases is due to increased testing. To some degree, increases in positive reports also have political and financial implications for businesses, insurers, politicians – to name a few.
    Deaths are down because there are no less than 5 or 6 standard treatments today, each of which show, at minimum, an incremental improvement in disease outcome. For example, in March bronchial steroids were listed as the #1 medication by the U.S. CDC to NOT to be proscribed. Today its a first line treatment.

  4. mwhite says:

    The mask mandate was to reassure those who were and in some cases still are too frightened to come out from underneath their beds.

    There are still people who will cross the road or step into someone’s garden (hide in a hedge) to avoid me when I’m out running.

  5. mwhite says:

    Back at the start of the lockdown, no traffic on the road. Could go out for an hour, lucky to see a single car on the road and cyclists still using the footpaths.

    Not only that, but they would cycle across an empty road to get on the other footpath to avoid me??????

  6. Mikkel Kaastrup says:

    I think the UK government is just trying to suppress its own population. I think this is self-evident from its actions. It is a cancer on the social organism.

  7. KevinPaul says:

    After perusing the pre-2020 science, I’m convinced that mask wearing in certain situations is either knowingly or unknowingly a statement of political affiliation, and essentially no different to an armband bearing a swastika.

    • RegretLeft says:

      Good point – maybe the better comparison would be with the “German Greeting” – the right arm out-stretched and raised. Specifically introduced and mandated by the National Socialists circa 1933. It very much became a way of signaling allegiance and approval of the regime; and indeed also provided a way of signalling dis-allegiance .e.g by barely raising the arm – or showing an angle at the elbow rather than fully out-stretched. Germans fought among themselves over the issue – just as we are fighting over masks. There are photographs of Hitler Jugend heckling assemblies of German workers – (former) labor union guys who are giving a half-hearted German Greeting.

  8. scott allen says:

    You forgot to include the most important news from that website.
    The post was August 12.

    “England has removed 5,377 deaths from its time series.
    fNOTE from the UK Government):

    “On 17 July, the Secretary of State asked Public Health England (PHE) to urgently review the way daily death statistics are currently reported.

    A review into the method used to calculate these figures considered a range of scientific evidence to identify the best time limit to apply between date of test and date of death.

    The new daily measure provides a UK-wide count of deaths under a consistent methodology for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales that has been endorsed by an external review.

    The measure will be based on a 28-day limit between the date of a positive lab-confirmed test and date of death.”

  9. Guilhrme Gomes says:

    What Bolsonaro wanted to implement works perfectly well, in the Sweden.

  10. RegretLeft says:

    Your work is essential (is that why you evaded the lockdown/house arrest?!).

    Comments are often very good – very interesting about World Bank “strings” – makes perfect sense; I had not heard that.

    Also yes – these “number of new cases” plots should be / could be overlayed with number of new hospitalizations or number of new deaths plots – (all three of course likely largely fraudulent).

    Someone has suggested the term “case-demic”

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