Experts : Overpopulation To Destroy The Planet In 2072

22 Feb 1894, 5 – Cheyenne County Rustler at

Sad, but we ran out of water in 1974, and food in 1980.

6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – Redlands Daily Facts at

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2 Responses to Experts : Overpopulation To Destroy The Planet In 2072

  1. arn says:

    Paul Ehrlich,the Godfather of modern science,western Lysenkoism and good doer science.The guy was AGW and Covid before AGW and Covid were even a thing.
    And thousands of useless “scientists” these days wouldn”t have a job without
    He is to science what Leon Eisenberg was to the pharmalobby.
    A charlatan who pulled an entire industrie out of his butt and who only got praise instead of the prison he deserved.

    Ehrlichs only big failure maybe that he somehow forgot to exploit the Hong Kong Flu of the 60ies for his armageddon business,
    but this can easily be explained.
    Ehrlich is just a PR puppet for the club of rome Agenda.
    And the club of rome was founded at the same time the Hong Kong flu happened
    and recruitment hasn’t started at that time.

    But after the club of rome was created
    organisations and political parties that never existed before(greenpeace,green parties)started spreading like a virus all over western countries by some strange coincidence.

  2. aido says:

    The dramatic increase in world population during the 20th century will almost certainly not continue. Although more people are added to the total every day, each year that passes sees fewer and fewer added. The peak year for world population growth was 1987 and the rate of increase has been declining ever since. To maintain a steady population, the replacement fertility rate is around 2.1 children per mother. In the UK in 2018, the fertility rate went down to 1.7 and almost a third of those births were to women who weren’t born in the UK. Without those foreign-born mothers, the native UK population rate would have been around 1.2, way below the replacement rate.

    Europe’s population growth declined to 1.58 in 2016. If this were to continue to decline at the same rate, Europe’s native population could halve by 2050. In the USA the fertility rate has dropped to 1.8 in 2018 and looks like dropping even further. This below-replacement pattern is also repeated in their Hispanic and other ethnic groups.

    In the world’s most populous country, largely due to its one-chid per family policy, China’s fertility rate was 1.64 in 2018. In India, the rate has dropped dramatically from 4 in 1990 to 2.3. In the continent of Africa, the rate is 4.4. While still high, it’s two-thirds of what it was in 1975.

    Experts in demographics reckon that the overall fertility rate for the world was around 2.4 in 2020. They also say that on present trends, the rate will fall to the stability rate of 2.1 by the middle of this century. By then, the world’s population is likely to be around ten billion.

    Mankind’s primary task should be to ensure that those ten billion have enough to eat.

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