Save Our Snow!

Fifteen years ago, the Save Our Snow website was created to raise money for saving skiing from global warming.

Access the GreenSnow Database

Last year they reported on this peer reviewed article saying snow cover has decreased in the Northern Hemisphere since 1980.

39 Year Study Finds Snow Cover Decrease

I plotted the data out, and found out that there has been no trend in Northern Hemisphere snow cover since 1980.

But during the six months surrounding the winter solstice, snow cover has greatly increased.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The ski industry was booming until government shut it down last year. Colorado resorts had record snowfall during February 2020, only to be shut down by the governor during March.

Copper Mountain breaks records for February snowfall

Snow cover is near a record high, but facts never seem to matter to climate alarmists.

na_sce.png (1400×800)

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1 Response to Save Our Snow!

  1. D. Boss says:

    Many ask the question: “how can any rational person deny or dismiss actual data from several independent sources?”…

    When you have been duped by some brainwashing scheme, it becomes increasingly difficult to accept any facts which calls the narrative you believe into question, or the acceptance of contrary facts to your belief means your belief is wrong – hence you have not only embarrassed yourself, but most likely wasted time, money and part of your life following this nonsense.

    That is an extremely hard pill to swallow for most people, and the longer and more fervent was your “activism” or how far down the rabbit hole of the Climate Change Cult you went down – makes it increasingly hard to accept you were duped and made very bad choices.

    Couple this with the innate need for many humans to have some strong religious or righteous belief – have marxist education philosophy shoved down their throats and destroy conventional religiousness – and you can replace that with the New Religion of Climate Change – and you accept the narrative which can be extremely false and misleading with articles of “Faith” – so all data contradicting your belief system are “lies and the devil’s work”.

    What is that old adage, ” you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink”… So just keep on pointing out facts and hopefully those being blinded with the new religion of Climate Change/Thermaggeddon will some day look objectively at the mountains of evidence showing their belief is mistaken.

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