Bernie : Communism Before Space

Bernie says no space travel until he gets his communism.

12:15 PM · Mar 21, 2021

Meanwhile, Bernie’s climate virtue signaling continues to crush the poor and middle class.

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

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2 Responses to Bernie : Communism Before Space

  1. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    There are Bernies everywhere. You’ll meet them from time to time. I knew one in my high school. World communism was everything. Capitalism must be abolished. They learned nothing from the lessons of the 20th century. Facts are irrelevant. 100 million dead because of it? Meh. Acceptable collateral damage. Soviet style totalitarianism, elimination of the bourgeousie (in death camps, preferably) and control of the proletariat is paramount. Equality of misery and poverty is the rule. It is weird talking to them, they are unhinged, but now we have one near the levers of power. And yet we are taking him seriously. We are so gullible.

    I’ve lived under government run healthcare. Twice. Adequate, I suppose, in a basic sense, but don’t expect anything extraordinary, like operation Warp Speed. A six month wait for an x-ray? It will be the new normal. An MRI? What do you want? Miracles?

    And we’re falling for it.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Bernie will be praised by them as a martyr and inspiration. Space? What’s that? Equal equity is the future!

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