New York Times 1911 : Snowball Earth – Wind Power To Save Humanity

In 1911, the New York Times and the head chemist at the Department of Agriculture predicted that the whole earth would freeze, we would run out of coal and wood, and wind power would keep us warm and fed.


“Dr. H. W. Wiley, Head Chemist of the Agricultural Department, Washington.”

“Geologists have for many years admitted that the earth Is cooling”

“the earth was cooling so unmistakably that freezing was to be our lot”

“Coal and wood will disappear from the earth. Coal already is dwindling alarmingly, and the most ambitious efforts of the foresters will not forestall the final obliteration of the forests. Electricity is manifestly the sole dependence of the future. In the Northwest several years age the cold was so intense and the fuel fam-ine so prolonged that the farmers there kept themselves alive by burning their boundary fences and their outhouses. The winds a- ere frightful In their temperature and destructive force. Why -should they not have been utilized to keep those homes comfortable. “By means of a simple _windmill, power could be produced whisk would keep the homes of the far Northwest at a uniform’ temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, even In the deadliest cold weather.”

– New York Times  January 1, 1911

TimesMachine: January 1, 1911 –

New York Times Wind Power 1911

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4 Responses to New York Times 1911 : Snowball Earth – Wind Power To Save Humanity

  1. Richard says:

    if you call the white stuff Frozen Steam its sounds hotter making Global Warming real

  2. arn says:

    NYT-saving humanity from imaginary catastrophies for 110 years,
    while hiding real man made catastrophies as the communist genozides
    at the same time.

    As if this newspapers only exist for one purpose and that its agenda hasn’t changed an iota
    and one starts to get the idea that a certain group of interesst already knew a hundred years ago that long term cycles that are in combination with the right propaganda can be systematically abused to scare people and intimidate people as the average human is not capable of observing and understanding such stuff.

    And isn”t it strange that the big saviour AOC who pulled the green new deal
    out of her butt is from new york too and is recycling NYT’s old windmill+save humanity ideas?
    There must be a nest in New York full of those people
    and they created their nest there = UN.

  3. G W Smith says:

    These men were avant gard visionaries in their day, and now they seem almost silly in their extremist linear thinking. But a kernel of truth is at the heart of it, which we can all identify with. These were our grand parents – a heartier generation than we will ever see again.

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