What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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  1. Anto says:

    Welcome to the 15th century.

  2. Climate science is to meteorology as economics is to commerce. Few economists could run the proverbial booze up in a brewery, yet they have the ear of government, whilst those with actual expertise get on with the job, their opinions ignored. Those that can, do, those that can’t, teach. The remainder become government advisers.

  3. Charles Straw says:

    The key phrase in the first article is “FLOATING WIND FARMS” –
    those three words alone conjure up mayhem and disaster

  4. Martin says:

    The last week has been very still in the UK – very low wind turbine output. yesterday (5th March) for example wind accounted for 1.06 GW being 3.7 % of the days average demand- despite that demand being reduced by the ongoing covid shutdown.

    Boris needs to look at these graphs ( preferably with someone who can explain what the pretty colours mean) https://grid.iamkate.com/

    • saveenergy says:

      Today March 6th, wind dominated the bottom of the scale as it leapt forward from 3.7% to a staggering 3.8% … even solar produced 4.1%; meanwhile Gas & Coal could only manage 59% & imports = 12.3%.

    • arn says:

      That”s why it doesnt matter wether they are running 9 days or 90 days without wind.
      These charlatans will simply blame the lack of wind on humanity and therefore
      people will be fooled into blaming themselves once again(for a failed,dangerous
      policy based on fake warming science that replaced fake cooling science,without replacing the hustle….experts.

      A main part of their indoctrination psyops is to blame humans
      for whatever happens
      so to lower their resistance towards unpopular agendas.

  5. DM says:

    Pls note “Wind Power to Run Every Home … ” does NOT say ALL the time. So, lights will be on, refrigerators will run … only while the wind blows if watermelons have their way. Imagine the resulting public unrest. Then imagine the police state needed to suppress it:-(

    • Dave Ward says:

      “Imagine the resulting public unrest. Then imagine the police state needed to suppress it:-(“

      Considering how readily the British public have accepted repeated Lockdowns, and the zeal with which Police enforce “The Rules”, I wouldn’t hold out much hope…

    • James Henry says:

      And now, courtesy of the CCP Virus, we have to worry that people will just adapt to power disruptions. Oh, they won’t be happy about it, but they will tell us that the virtuous amongst us, adapt. Only nazi, racist, homophobic deniers complain about energy shortages.

      • Dave Ward says:

        “People will just adapt to power disruptions”

        I suppose that will give me a good reason to tell anyone expecting help when there are power cuts to go take a hike! I’ve made provisions to keep the household essentials running. Anyone who thinks lockdowns, muzzles, and economic destruction are O.K. is no friend of mine…

      • dm says:

        Mr. Ward & Mr. Henry,

        You are correct that the public has thus far submitted too willingly to harmful C19 policies. Ignorance, deception and bribery (i.e., C19 relief checks, unemployment benefits exceeding lost paychecks, government employees allowed to work remotely …) are largely to blame.

        Reactions to ignorance, deception & bribery differ profoundly to those caused by being hungry, cold and deprived of one’s iPhone. We are all just 3 missed meals from becoming savages.

  6. Michael+Abbott says:

    Electricity forms only about 30% of the UK’s energy use so, although a figure of 3% or 6% for wind is scary enough, you have to divide that figure by 3 to get near how little wind is contributing to our overall energy needs. Long way to go Boris.

  7. Michael+Abbott says:

    Does anybody know why we consistently import 4-6% of our electricity from France even at times when we are lots of spare capacity?

  8. Terry Shipman says:

    Tony, the simple answer for climate alarmists is to deny the second event ever occurred. Decades ago I saw Al Gore on the Brinkley show and Gore was spouting his usual global warming spiel. George Will reminded Gore that in the late ‘70s scientists were predicting a new ice age. Gore simply denied that ever happened. Will countered by saying, “Yes they did. I’ve documented it.” Gore didn’t accept that and continued to deny scientists ever predicted a new ice age and global cooling.

    Now, even though I have a degree in history and very much appreciate Tony’s historical research, I have a better answer to Gore: Gore, you are a liar. In this case I don’t need historical research. I LIVED through the 1970’s and I know full well what scientists were saying. No one was preaching global warming back then. So stop lying about it!

    People younger than my generation would need the historical research that Tony has done and the research George Will spoke of. But unfortunately the Left tries to flush it down George Orwell’s memory hole.

  9. Will FORD says:

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST that overeducated(NO COMMON S.) MORONS can produce….MAY YOUR @$$ES FREEZE!…ME…I will use fossil fuels(LIE of TITLE) until the tech catches up to stupidity.

  10. Tony Lam says:

    Year 2030 is less than 9 years away. To totally switch to wind and solar, what is the people there been smoking? I put there dreams in the same league as some car companies that claim they will stop producing all petroleum powered car by about the same time. The whole world are waiting for a tech break through in energy storage tech, and even if we get it by tomorrow, it will take a couple of decades or more to implement fully. Then there is the rare earth material, where are they going to come from? It is a headache now just to get enough lithium. maybe Johnson can keep the hot air inside him for warmth.

  11. Jeremy Harrison-Roberts says:

    Boris is correct of course.
    Saudi Arabia is roughly 90% sand & desolate, which is exactly what Boris will make the UK if the imbecile is allowed to continue rather than being detained along with his equally certifiable mate, Billy Gates-of-Hell.

  12. Steven Goldman says:

    The Left defines their goal and only shows the “Science” that supports it. Any other evidence didn’t happen — a la the previous Gore comment. My only surprise is the number educated Sheeple who are so frightened they accept the narrative without even considering the “Real Climate Science”.

  13. Ron says:

    What’s needed is a backup. I’m not up on what’s wrong with a natural gas power plant.
    But putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t a good idea.
    My plan is for a wood stove as a heating backup. I can always go find some wood.
    I bet my idea of this as a renewable wouldn’t fly with climate Nazis.

  14. Eric Hatfield says:

    I was also around during the 1970s. I was in debate in high school during my junior and seniors years.

    I remember an individual events tournament we had that was normally a 2 hour drive from our school. It was in November and I recall the weather forecast was something like ‘chance of snow flurries spreading through out the state’. It took us 6 hours to return home because of the locally heavy snow.

    BTW I was doing an expository speech about the possibilities of a coming ice age. I choose to retire that speech because of the events that evening.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Around 1976, I ran the 16mm projector for a film with a title something like “The Coming Ice Age” in the Winnipeg Public Library for the public. One of the sponsors of the film was the government of Canada.

      • Loren says:

        If there’s any gloom and doom that might frighten people into parting with more of their hard-earned money to help government “fight the threat”, the bureaucrats are more than happy to fan the fear-mongering flames.

  15. vogelhaus says:

    How many days can you buffer wind mill energy on a large scale?
    What would be the costs? Are there any scientific evaluations of such scenarios?

  16. Peter Howes says:

    DM said:
    «Imagine the resulting public unrest. Then imagine the police state needed to suppress it»

    . . . then imagine a police state in which not a single police car has recharged overnight for nine consecutive days . . . or ambulance or fire engine. We do occasionally see mounted police here in Bristol, UK but only during the summer, it’s a PR exercise. Tony has previously highlighted the problem horses were causing in major cities 120 years ago

  17. Gamecock says:

    ‘Wind power to run every home in Britain in 2030’


    Depending on the weather.

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