Climate Under Pressure

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  1. Akseli says:

    Thank you Tony. Life is good.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I just looked at your New Tube site, with the 17 second cut from Jen Psaki’s “clear messaging” that the vaccine can still kill you even if you are under 17. I burst out laughing. You know that if Trump had said that, or even Bush, the media would have played it over and over, but of course not when the spokes person for Joe (Stalin) Biden says it.

  3. Jake Sinclair says:

    This guy gets it.

    I looked at most of the world for this data. It was all consistent. There has been no significant sea level change in 246 years!

    I soon realized that in 1920 the sea level was about 6 inches 15.4cm higher in Miami than in present day 2021 Miami. That is within the normal lunar variance. The sea level in 1970 the questioned time was actually 12 inches 30.8cm higher than in 2020. This number is unlikely to be lunar in cause but is close to within the variances. But the point here is that sea level in 2020 was lower than in 1920 or 1970. The beaches were wider and the plants growing much further out.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Great article. You think a major media journalist might find it and run to his editor and say, “Hey Boss, I have a scoop on the rising oceans. Turns out that it’s a myth.”

  4. douglas connelly says:

    much better than the IPCC video

  5. scott allen says:

    Browns Peak/MB
    Please quit showing these, the goofy people of “Caliarado” will want to visit or worse stay.

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