Just A Coincidence

Study: What Stopping Global Warming Would Require of Americans – IER

My first wife grew up in the Soviet Union in a 600 foot apartment and her family did almost all of their transit by bus. It is just a coincidence that climate alarmists want those same restrictions imposed on everybody else (excluding themselves, of course.)

A thousand private jets whisk the world’s elite to Davos forum | News | The Times

“The United States could go to zero tomorrow—I mean we can’t but if you’re figuratively speaking could go to zero—we’d still have a problem. The world would still have a problem,” Kerry told Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart.”

John Kerry Says U.S., China Could Go to Zero Emissions and Still Not Solve Climate Crisis

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15 Responses to Just A Coincidence

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I read that IEC whatever and they are CRAZY!
    I am going to use MORE power to counteract their ignorance now!!!

  2. Guilherme Gomes says:

    Fit for 55: The EU green deal and industrial collapse of Europe, Europereloaded. The great reset is cold and hunger, so borders don’t matter. Dark Winter!

  3. gregole says:

    Non-Solutions to a non-problem.
    Dangerously rising sea levels? Gore and Obama both have expensive houses on the beach. I can’t take a cheap flight to visit my grand kids but the rich and powerful get to fly on private jets. It’s insanity.

  4. arn says:

    Just as i’m saying for years.

    The green new deal(and all other variations of it)
    is not and never was about replacing the current energy system with renewables(as this is impossible),
    but the destruction of it
    where only a very basic,(for common peasants)unreliable,supply on the lowest level(=the usual commie outcome of ‘equality’) remains.
    An artificial transformation by design(communism) that is disguised and sold
    as something else(the utopia where renewables replaced fossil fuel 1:1)

    And every trick in the book(climate,cow farts,heatwaves,floods) is being used to achieve the goal.

    • G W Smith says:

      Yes, the Marxist agenda of turning individuals into groups of oppressors and oppressed has reached a flashpoint in America, and has so dumbed down the masses that it will be generations before we can recover.

  5. Bill bogg says:

    I think I can top Tony for climate lunacy today from the UK . I have just turned on the 5 pm news and instead got Professor Sir David King ex Chief Scientific Adviser to the British government telling us that he and a team of scientists at Cambridge are working on plans to ‘refreeze the arctic’ as cutting down CO2 is no longer enough.

  6. Mikey0 says:

    They want power over power. Is that power squared?

  7. Mike Fahey says:

    Commenter who’s wife grew up in Soviet Union predicted the first thought I had after reading Leed’s article (noting the coincidence) i.e. of life in those dreary apartments you see on footage of the Soviet Union. I’m hoping better things for all humans than that … except maybe for the elites that come up with these conclusions. If that is what they want they are welcome to it.

    • Terry Shipman says:

      Free market Capitalism delivered the best this world has to offer to millions. Marxism delivered millions to mass graves from the Soviet Union to China to Cambodia. The citizens of those countries who weren’t murdered were reduced to slavery. It’s a crime that young people in school today aren’t taught this history. It’s also a crime that the citizens of this country don’t revolt and throw Marxism out of our public schools and universities.

  8. Petit_Barde says:

    Which global warming those clowns are talking about ?


  9. spren says:

    The only way to solve the climate crisis and climate alarmism is to eliminate all of the climate alarmists. If they were gone there would be no climate problem.

    • James Brasfield says:

      Any suggestions?

      • Robert Rust says:

        Correctly analyzed geological science, notably ice core and ocean level data/graphs, clearly reveals that a crustal displacement is imminent, due any time. These occur irregularly periodically every 20,000 years on average and last approximately 2000 years, elevating earthquakes, volcanism, and tsunamis 10,000 to 100,000 times over current levels. In the first year of the displacement, these disasters will increase by likely 50 to 100 times, bringing modern civilization to extinction rapidly. So, modern humanity does not need to concern itself with eliminating the inbreeding, profiteering, racketeering, cabal-structured parasite clan that rules over it, the displacement will take care of humanity’s problems, the greatest part of which right now is modern humanity itself due to its being brainwashed and manipulated into being made dependent for its life on the parasite’s profiteering, raping and pillaging world economy.

        Despite its pure evil and humanity-destroying nature and necessity to be permanently eradicated from the face of Earth for the sake of the human species, to try to eliminate the mafia-structured clan instead of figuring out how to deal with Earth’s imminent next crustal displacement is to pursue a rapist on a high-speed train which is about to launch itself off a mile-high cliff. The goal is to give the human species a remote hope (all that remains) to continue existing, Earth will destroy for humanity the parasite clan and its 7.8 billion-strong, modern civilization corporation that currently stands in the way.

  10. Ed Price says:

    If you ask Bill Gates he will tell you that by taking the Covid jab (not a vaccine) you are helping depopulate the world. Sorry to remind you.

  11. Jimd1958 says:

    Just know that you can vote in Communism, but you have have to Shoot your way out!!!

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