Hottest Month Ever

NOAA says July was the hottest month ever.

Climate change: July world’s hottest month ever recorded – US agency – BBC News

The say most warming is at the poles and is indicated by melting ice.

North Pole temperatures were below average every day during July.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Sea ice extent at both poles is the highest in many years.

The Greenland surface mass balance is well above normal.


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11 Responses to Hottest Month Ever

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Where I live in SC KY, we have been no higher than 89.4°F the whole summer. Our highs are usually in the low-mid 90’s.
    AND we have had rain, rain, rain and more rain every week this Summer – not dry in July and August which is ‘normal’.

  2. G W Smith says:

    How can these apparatchiks sleep at night with so many lies in their heads?

  3. Logic n Reason says:

    The other day, a Soviet dissident and biologist Sergei Kovalev passed away. I knew nothing about him until I read his obituary. In it he is quoted thus:-
    “Real science means examining all the different points of view and putting forward valid arguments, out in the open, to refute the ones that are incorrect. Anything else is not real science.”
    Never has a truer word been said and certainly a maxim the BBC has ignored for the last two to three decades.

  4. Robertvd says:

    Good there was no IPCC 18 000 years ago.

  5. Walter Wagner says:

    what about Antarctica. that would be the nail in the coffin for them.

  6. Tom O says:

    I have to admit I can only speak for my own area. July was 4 degrees cooler, on average, here in the Phoenix area, than it was last year. In fact, this past July was only 2 degrees warmer than the coolest July since 2006, when I decided to keep the APS monthly average temperatures. That doesn’t mean anything as far as accuracy is concerned, but it’s a data point anyway. June was actually warmer – tied for the hottest June with 2008.

    • Good stuff, but in comparing two years’ ‘record’ temperatures they differ by 0.02 degrees. How can this possibly be significant? It strikes me that looking for ‘record’ temperatures in the data is like looking for canals on Mars. The whole thing is a Rohrschach test, where those who find what the paymasters want are showered with honours and promotion.

  7. Has anybody outside of Laputa actually experienced these ‘record’ temperatures? I live in the UK and this year has been cold and miserable. There must be somewhere in the world where the ground must be glowing incandescent to bring the ‘average’ up.

  8. Michael Ketterer says:

    Tony you state:
    “Sea ice extent at both poles is the highest in many years.”

    If I look it up at

    I see that in the last 20 years only 9 years had a lower ice extent area.
    Wiht that your statement looks misleading.

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