Removing The 1940s Blip

In 1974, government land temperature graphs showed no warming over a century and that the 1920s through the 1950s were very warm.

21 Jul 1974, 13 – The Des Moines Register at

NOAA’s Tom Karl confirmed this in 1989.

07 Dec 1989, Page 14 – Santa Cruz Sentinel at

But the world’s leading climate scientists agreed that the past had to change. And that is exactly what they did.

NASA’s land temperatures have completely erased the 1940s warmth.

graph.png (1130×600)

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7 Responses to Removing The 1940s Blip

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I wish this would get to a national stage. The altering of real data to match a theory can only be done by people committed to a political fantasy, which probably is also a criminal fantasy.

  2. Greg Raven says:

    Remember when Donald Trump took office and lefties (IIRC including and Wikipedia) boldly announced that they were making copies of federal documents so Trump couldn’t erase them?

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  4. arn says:

    Slightly off topic ,but just slightly,as it fits perfectly the state of “experts”.

    Tucker Carlson has a nice vid about the NYT deleting articles.
    (just another kind of removing old blips)
    It’s about chinese propaganda that was disguised as regular articles.

    As China benefits the most from AGW(while permanently building new,flat artificial islands in the rapdly rising sea)
    and as Chinas system is being sold as the NeW(O) way to go
    this may be interressting (especially if we consider the possibility that many ice age scare articles may have got the same treatment,as 50 year old ice age propaganda is easier to ‘disappear’ than 5 year old chinese propaganda)

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