All Fake News – All The Time

CBS News says the Arctic is record hot at 100 degrees and bazillions of scientists say we have to take action to save the climate.

The Arctic Circle saw record-high temperatures in 2020, NOAA report finds – CBS News

The official record temperature for Alaska is 100F above the Arctic Circle.

State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) | Extremes | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Fort Yukon Traveler and Vacation Information

National Geographic Magazine Archive

05 Jan 1928, Page 1 – The Winnipeg Tribune at

30 Apr 1937 – A HOT STORY FROM THE ARCTIC! – Trove

During the summer of 1927, temperatures over 32C were persistent in the Arctic.

30 Sep 1927 – WOMEN MOTORISTS – Trove

The North Pole recieves the most solar energy of any place on earth at midsummer.

The total energy received each day at the top of the atmosphere depends on latitude. The highest daily amounts of incoming energy (pale pink) occur at high latitudes in summer, when days are long, rather than at the equator.

Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget

Temperatures at the North Pole were below average almost every day this summer.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Ice extent at both poles is highest in seven years.

The 1980 USSR Report showed mid-1950s late August Arctic sea ice cover about 6 million km. sq, which is the same as this year.

It also said satellites were used to measure sea ice since 1966.


OSI-420 |

Arctic sea ice volume is up 20% from last year and just below the 2004-2013 average.

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20210830.png (1337×1113)

Sea ice volume has increased 20% over the last 13 years.

DMI Modelled ice thickness

Hansen predicted peak warming and sea ice loss around Antarctica. The exact opposite has occurred.

Wayback Machine

Climate Reanalyzer

In 2004, Gavin Schmidt reported decades of significant cooling over Antarctica.

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

In 2005, NASA published a map showing the cooling.

SVS: Antarctic Heating and Cooling Trends

By 2007, NASA had completely erased the cooling.

Disintegration: Antarctic Warming Claims Another Ice Shelf : Feature Articles

By 2009, NASA had turned all the cooling into warming.

NASA – Satellites Confirm Half-Century of West Antarctic Warming

Antarctic sea ice extent has bene steadily increasing

Wayback Machine

The Most Inconvenient Region On The Planet For Global Warming Alarmists: Antarctica Sees Growing Sea Ice

The Greenland surface mass balance has been above average for three out of the last five years. Greenland’s surface has gained two trillion tons of ice over the past five years.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

When Stonehenge was built, the Arctic Ocean was ice-free, there were trees growing all the way to the Arctic Ocean and July temperatures in the Arctic were 2.5-7C warmer.

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago — ScienceDaily

Holocene Treeline History and Climate Change Across Northern Eurasia – ScienceDirect

Most US state record maximum temperatures were set more than 85 years ago.

State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) | Extremes | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

There is no indication government can control CO2, much less climate.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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10 Responses to All Fake News – All The Time

  1. Mikey0 says:

    I wonder how difficult it would be to email these data to politicians? Like leaving a leaflet on a car window. Not all at once, of course. Or ask certain groups like the NRA if they wouldn’t mind being allowed to inform their members. A newsletter announcement asking permission would suffice. Any group likely to appreciate this information. AARP is out. Perhaps a coordination with Project Veritas. Truth seekers should work together.

  2. John Sturges says:

    My bet is that there is an incredible push by ‘green themed’ companies pushing the messaging of Global Warming to sell products. My bet is that more than straightforward advertising, thees companies sponsor blogs and news media to push themes favorable to businesses regardless of scientific fact. There are $Trillions for those who gain favor much from government spending programs. It is money-driven manipulation.

  3. Greg W Smith says:

    The left cares nothing about truth, only their agenda, which is always “Earth-first.”
    Won’t it be nice when humans are gone!

  4. Nice work. Its kind of odd that a bazillion groupthinkers can disregard or counterfeit real measurements and still be grouped as “scientists.” Anonymity perhaps helps this happen.

  5. Andrew says:

    Thank goodness someone is keeping track of the historical record and publishing real data from contemporary reports. Few people I know have any time for the official hysteria and the more contrived weather ‘records’ that are announced the more people refer to the evidence of their own senses. This bizarre climate apocalypse coalition has already lost its real audience – us; they just don’t quite know it.

  6. Torgo says:

    Funny, isn’t it? Isn’t it funny? The previous record for warmth was set in 1899 when CO2 levels were much lower than now. So what caused that record back then?

  7. arn says:

    “forest fires in the arctic region”

    Seems global warming was a pain in 1927 for female motorists.
    Nowadays they probably couldn’t start a fire with a flamethrower in that region.

  8. Ron says:

    I keep seeing stupid false articles on my Google based phone. Yesterday I read an article that warming was the cause of all the abnormal cooling. I think of how this stupid stuff is presented on millions of phones as real news.

  9. Phil Paulbeck says:

    So just who is it that has a problem with warmer temperatures? International Falls Mn has had a beautiful summer, we just had a bitter cold winter,,,,,,,,,average is average. No human being could truly sense any real difference in our weather over time. The truth is that there is lies, damm lies and then there is statistics.
    The people that want us afraid lie to us with statistics.

  10. Pier says:

    The first satellite to measure arctic ice with radar, through clouds and darkness was Nimbus 5. Years were 1973-1976. This is the satellite IPCC AR1 & AR2 refers to on their arctic sea ice chapters.

    The findings of the Nimbus 5 can be found on Nasa Technical Reports Server under name: Arctic Sea ice, 1973-1976: Satellite passive-microwave observations.

    On summary on page 227 you can read “There is no over all trend of either increasing Arctic sea ice amounts or decreasing Arctic sea amounts over the 4 year ESMR period”

    Not quite what is written today all over the media.

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