Lost Their Sanity And Their Humanity

I tweeted this earlier.

12:27 PM · Sep 30, 2021

Some of the responses show how far gone these people are.

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26 Responses to Lost Their Sanity And Their Humanity

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It seems that these people believe that they know more about your relationship than either of you do. And they aren’t the least bit fanatical about their intrusion into your lives.

  2. Carguy Pete says:

    I guess these morons that commented about your tweet just don’t get it.
    Your wife is beautiful, and to cover her face with a mask would be disrespectful to her.

  3. PIC says:

    Terrorism (dictionary definition) –
    the unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population …, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.
    the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism……
    intimidation or coercion by instilling fear: …


    Example –
    States such Afghanistan that brutally coerce women to wear things that they don’t want to wear, and stay locked in their homes, do so as part of their terrorist agenda. The goal of the political class in such states is to drive the population into permanent compliance through permanent fear.

    Arguably, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and other presumably democratic states have used threats, intimidation, coercion, brutal police force, and massive propaganda campaigns (i.e. lies, Psy-Ops) to drive their citizens into a state of acute, permanent, baseless, irrational fear, and they did it for political reasons, not medical or scientific ones. Therefore, these states fall under the definition of terrorist states.
    This state terrorism serves no ideological agenda, apparently, since both right-wing, center, and left-wing politicians have taken part in this global shift towards authoritarianism. Furthermore, politicians from different parts of the ideological spectrum have been eager to cooperate with each other when it came to mandating lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing, and pseudo-vaccinations.
    Lust for Power is the motive that drives these politicians to cooperate with each other despite their ideological differences.
    The political class in western society has sensed an opportunity to increase its power, and accordingly, it has acted upon its opportunistic instinct.

    Unfortunately for the citizens of these countries, generally (with some noticeable exceptions), their court systems have not reacted decisively against the massive power grab and terrorist policies.

    Luckily, here in the U.S., our civil society and political institutions are healthier, more sound, and more resilient than they are in the above cited countries, and many U.S. politicians sense that they have more to gain from fighting state terrorism than from embracing it. Also, our court system is more independent, and has a better sense of self-value than the court systems in the other, formerly free states.

    Looking forward, as it becomes increasingly clear that the COVID19 vaccination products fail to deliver a meaningful advantage in terms of public health, and on top of this they are disproportionately hazardous, we can hope that truth and reason shall prevail. This is not granted, of course.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Canada and the USA make up for it with get vaxxed terror or else (get fired).

      • Tel says:

        Don’t worry, they are doing the same in Australia.

        Many people are facing “No vax, No job” rules, not based on any law … but merely the whim of a public health official. People are desperate, don’t know what to do, you can get arrested for protesting no matter how peaceful you are. You can even get arrested for talking about protesting. Business does not want this, but they get huge fines if they don’t comply, and most of them already lost money in 2020/2021.

        Australia has no formal Bill of Rights … unless you want to count the Bill of Rights 1689, which might still apply in these situations but would be difficult and slow to get through the courts. The typical worker cannot afford to sit home for years waiting to be allowed to work for a living.

        We have not even hit the full price inflation yet, but I’ve seen a few prices in the supermarket start creeping up: typically 5% to 10% price jumps … not enough to freak people out, but it makes a difference. The Reserve Bank of Australia has printed more new money since COVID than in the entire history of Australia.


        The balance sheet is going vertical … we are heading for the biggest self-inflicted disaster this country has ever seen. They will of course blame Climate Change.

  4. dearieme says:

    Never make a light-hearted remark to a bunch of fanatics. What a bunch of plonkers those tweeters are (your fair lady excepted).

  5. GWS says:

    ITony – I have to think that you knew this kind of response was going to happen when you chose the word “allow.” So, I ask, why rattle the cage?

  6. Rockwood says:

    Just curious how people can tolerate twitter anymore. I mean I had a number of accounts running since the early days and generally observed how things decayed to the point I deleted all my accounts. Must be part of the leftist strategy….?

  7. Richard A Reeves says:

    Dear Tony, I think I understand what you meant by “allow”, namely that you would choose not to have someone coerce your wife in how she dresses or doesn’t dress according to someone else’s rules.. and undoubtedly what you had in mind was the kind of rules that come about from certain groups such as Sharia law which attempts to frighten people into behaving how they think they should behave or dress. So yes I thoroughly understand or at least I believe so. Having lived and worked in Saudi Arabia as well as Algeria I may be better equipped to understand than many.

  8. will FORD says:

    To the DUMBASS MORON about sharia gov’t. It is as useless as this DOLTS comment. I have been banned by several blogs for saying something derogatory about the RAGHEADS and their gov’t called religion. IF that isn’t big tech intrusion, what would be? This is to all the overeducated(no common-sense) degreed DOLTS near and far.

  9. Leonard Harris says:

    These people criticising you are the modern day equivalent of puritans and witch hunters. They make it a lot easier to understand why disgraceful historical events happened. No doubt they would have criticised you even more if you had written that you would never allow your wife to be enslaved. Their true objective is to enslave all liberty loving people. They need to be exposed and ridiculed at every opportunity.

  10. Tim Spence says:

    Opinionators love to be offended, they seek it here, they seek it there, in Regent Street and Leicester Square.

  11. jchr12 says:

    They’re demented.

  12. nobler says:

    In one of his books from many years ago, Glenn Beck had an essay, “My Sharia More”. Obviously a pun of the Stevie Wonder song title, but the content was important. Beck was way ahead of the curve publicizing the threat of Sharia Law supplanting Constitutional law in the America. I’ll try and dig up the book title and post it.

  13. Larry Weeden says:

    All the best to you & Kirye….Always – Larry

  14. Janet Marshall says:

    So it”s wrong for you to not ‘allow’ your wife to wear a lung damaging mask but it’s perfectly ok for the governments to not ‘allow’ people to mix with friends, go shopping, go to the theatre, conserts, restaurants etc etc etc unless they wear a lung damaging mask!!!!!!
    Oh dear, the contradictions and two faced hypocrisy of the hypnotised masses is very alarming.
    Bless you and your beautiful wife Tony. Stay strong and pureblooded.

  15. Sydney Subversive says:

    Twitter is just a supersized sewer, a colossal cloaca, upon which leftards squat and discharge their verbal faeces. Rational people should avoid it like they would any other kind of cesspit.

  16. Linda says:

    A husband who wouldn’t allow his wife to be bullied, what a radical and lovely idea. I wish there were more.

  17. Archie says:

    They can’t see the loving protection in your attitude towards your wife. Maybe it’s because they don’t want the commitment and can’t understand when a man steps up to protect a woman? They are weak cowards who are too afraid to make a stand and are hiding behind a fake righteousness.

  18. Tel says:

    If you post anything to show that you enjoy your life, then envious people always come up out of nowhere, and do their best to ruin that. This is obviously not a new problem, philosophers have struggled over how to deal with this … everything from prayer sessions to game theory.

    I’m not a Christian, but I can see the wisdom in the 10th Commandment.

  19. yakk says:

    The FDA, CDC, politicians and corporate media are not the only ones who lie –
    Israeli scientist: Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine only gained Emergency Authorization for use in Children because Pfizer manipulated study data and committed serious violations

  20. shocked says:

    Department of Defence AI programme finds Antibody-Dependent Enhancement is accelerating in the Fully Vaccinated –

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