Two Years To Flatten The Curve

New Zealand Covid update: Auckland to remain in lockdown even as fully vaccinated hit 70% | New Zealand | The Guardian

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4 Responses to Two Years To Flatten The Curve

  1. Luigi says:

    Dear tony, so just an update:
    in this precise moment(10. October 2021 at 08:50am ET)) the police is forcing the workers protest in Trieste:

    And Romano Prodi, who has been prime minister for the Left parties in 2005 says: ” the sanitary pass shall remain as long as needed” (so forever?)

  2. Tel says:

    Leftists do not negotiate. They make demands, and if you give them anything they see that as an
    success … then they demand more. You cannot make agreements with such people.

  3. Greg in NZ says:

    Help! We are being held captive! The big bad red wolf, Commie Queen Jaxinda, yes the one with the big teeth, has her police officers manning border patrols INSIDE the country, and she won’t let the children outside. Won’t somebody think of the children…

    In the meantime, she’s sent her Climate Change Minister, the Greens’ James Shaw, along with 14 other grifters, to offer $NZ 1,300,000,000 ($1.3 billion) to the altar of Baal/UN to save the children… save the planet… save the bankers… HELP!!!

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