What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Air New Zealand offering chance to get vaccinated on a plane | CNN Travel

VAERS – Data Sets

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  1. arn says:

    Seems the CDC needs some private lessons in data adjustments by climate science.
    Give them a year or two and the number of reported vaccine adverse events from 2021 on
    should drop to historical lows.

    interessting to see that there already was a very massive increase from the 90ies too the 2010s.
    I wonder wether this was result of more and more vaccinations
    or lower quality & testing standards.

    • Disillusioned says:

      To your point about VAERS reported events massively increasing after the ’90s, perhaps I was simply clueless, but I don’t recall Walgreens and other pharmacies advertising flu “shots” on their message boards before 2000, especially like they have over the past several years. That seems to be a 21st century phenomenon. I also seem to recall reading that the amounts of various infant and childhood inoculations ramped up around the same time.

      (I never could square the annual flu “shots.” If real vaccines have always required 5-10 years of testing, how was it that BigPharm was able to anticipate and isolate the annual mutations of influenza just in time for each cold and flu season. Sounded like a scam to me then, and it still does.)

      • arn says:

        You may be right.

        Massive increase in vaccinations as result of flu shot advertisement (maybe the beginning of a subliminal brainwash campaign to make people accept a totalitarian vaccination campaign a generation later)
        would result in more vaccinations and therefore more adverse effects.

        (I wonder where all the pathological dogooders were to protest against this massive increase,but i think the reason they were missing then is the same reason they are missing now on the road to empty shelves,full vaccines and totalitarianism : as long as Soros don’t pay them and the NGO’s they won’t do shit.And Soros would never pay them to protest against hi._.Bidens agenda)

        • Disillusioned says:

          Yes. As real data and personal/family/friend adverse experiences continue to grow and inevitably seep past and through the MSM/social media/deep state barriers and gag orders, hopefully the dissonance will become critically high enough for the ignorant and obedient masses for it to turn into disillusionment.

          We know the speech where Gates said (paraphrasing) that if we do a really good job with jabs we can lower the population. Below is not that video. It’s about a man’s family experiences after obediently going along, their disillusionment and the next plannedemic already in the wings:


  2. Steve says:

    “Yes, I would like a bag of peanuts and a vaccine”

    I wonder if vaccines are required to be entered into the prison system?

    • Greg in NZ says:

      Three inmates ‘tested positive’ at ‘high security’ Mount Eden Prison, Auckland, NZ last week: the Wu-Flu can now fly over barbed-wire, 3-storey-high, security walls, and/or dig its way underground, to ‘seek out’ more victims of its dastardly voodoo Jabberwocky.

      Cinderella’s Conjob Circus, or Cult of CCC, has mesmerized half the population – or so the media would have us believe – while thousands protest, up and down the country, against her/their ‘no jab, no job’ policy. We’re not all sheep, nor cattle, nor Hobbits, in the Covert Queen’s B-grade nightmare horror shoah.

  3. Marko says:

    Aren’t “vaccines” mandatory for even boarding the plane?

  4. Brezhnev reincarnation says:

    More Crimes Against Humanity in the new Australia:

    Note that similar prison camps for “vaccine” dissidents are being built by the Canadian and New Zealand governments, and the German government has plans to restore their past glory, East Germany style…

  5. Janet Marshall says:

    Hunting the unjbd ALL OVER NZ this weekend. Military helping with the govt using DOC vehicles to seek out farmers and boats for those who live on islands like in Marlorough Sounds. Full Nazi and everywhere people in masks agreeing with it. Supposed to be raging storms on Sunday so hopefully some will be washed away. I am onlu seeing and staying with my support groups. It’s just what it must have been like in WW2. You can’t trust anyone now but the unjbd. Jb passport next month from the xmiling assasin. Over 250 jb deaths reported but all but one being ignored. The media just pushes the jb relentlessy. What to say, what to do?

  6. Janet Marshall says:

    This lawyer is the nly one standing up for our rights. She won one case and the govt changed the law next day. https://youtu.be/5dPL2detsYM

  7. GreyGeek says:

    I just finished downloading the latest 2021VARESData.csv on 10/15/21 at 1:54PM CST. It is 497Mb is size. Considerably larger than indicated in the graphic above. I previously downloaded it on 9/8/21 and it was only 148Mb. Apparently a LOT of additional adverse events have been recorded in the last month such that it inflated the size of the Db by 3.35X. The last entry was on 10/08/21 and was the 611,413th entry. I suspect that only 1 out of 100 adverse events are reported to VARES, and I make that claim with the same authority as those who claim that only 1 out of 100 covid cases are caught by testing or by reporting.

    IF you’ve downloaded and perused the VARES database you’ll see immediately why it is such a mess. Ignore the fact that probably only 1 out of a 100 adverse events get entered into that db, how the info is entered is a disgrace. Field names mean nothing. Info is put into what ever field the person making the entries feels like putting it into, regardless of what is supposed to go there.

    A few days ago a close relative of my wife, who is 74 and recently finished her two covid shots few weeks ago, fainted at work. Yesterday she went to the doc and learned that the outbreak on her faced and into her hair is shingles. I searched VARES for shingles and was surprised to find 28,708 mentions of it. In the general population it could be as high as 2,870,800 cases associated with the covid shot. The covid vaccine appears to be stimulating dormat viruses into action.

    • GreyGeek says:

      When I imply “poured in” I mean it. One field, SYMPTOM_TEXT, in one entry, contains 43,000+ characters in it, or 17 pages. Many lines have 10,000+ characters entered into that field and many fields have hundreds of characters as well.

      This data is so poorly entered and or vetted that it is obvious that it is not useful for anything except to claim that “we have experts looking into it”. The DIED and DATE_DIED fields do not always coordinate. Sometimes DIED as “y” or “yes” or other characters in it. The DATE_DIED often has nothing when DIED has “y”, and the other way around.

      I’m just describing the tip of the iceberg. You have to download it and browse it to fully appreciate how much of a big pile of dung it is.

  8. Michael Peinsipp says:

    1 The ‘vaccine’ is NOT a Vaccine.
    Vaccine = Solution with dead or nearly dead virus contained in the solution injected into the body which produces antibodies.
    2 The ‘vaccine’ is still EXPERIMENTAL. Forcing people to take it or be fired is against the Geneva Convention and US Constitution.
    3 VAERS only shows the REPORTED side effects and deaths. It is believed deaths are 20-30% higher.

  9. erx says:


    This looks like a potential disaster like which mankind has not faced since the bubonic plague. Let’s hope it’s a false alarm.
    Time will tell.

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