What Really Drives The Climate?

Thirty years ago, under the direction of Al Gore, climate science took a turn towards ignorance. Earth’s climate started being modeled as a closed system controlled by minor variations in greenhouse gases. This is a proposition unworthy of a middle school science fair project. Reality is that earth’s climate is driven largely by forces outside of our atmosphere and sometimes outside of our solar system.

For example, there was a massive solar storm during November, 1789.

Bud twice before have the Northern lights been seen in Havana within the remembrace of the oldest inhabitants—the first, November 14, 1789, the second, November 17, 1848—both to the same month, a curious fact which has been duly noted by the wondering islanders. It is likewise remarked as curious facts, that the aurora lot 1789 was followed two years after by a terrible hurricane, while that of 1848 was, by precisely the same number of years. preceded by one.

14 Sep 1859, Page 1 – The Louisville Daily Courier at Newspapers.com

The following January was the warmest on record in Philadelphia, with boys swimming in the Delaware River – during the Little Ice Age.

A Meteorological Account of the Weather in Philadelphia: From January 1 … – Charles Peirce – Google Books

During the winter of 1776-1777, the Delaware River looked like this.

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7 Responses to What Really Drives The Climate?

  1. rah says:

    Washington was lucky he could get across. He had to before the river froze solid and Brits and their Hessian mercs, could just walk across, attack and destroy his small depleted Army.

    The night and morning they crossed Jefferson, who was a dedicated observer of weather, recorded 8″ of snow fell at Monticello. But up near Trenton it was a wintery mix that night and early morning.

    Several of his men died of hypothermia while awaiting the rest of the force to cross. Some others that had come across and had to wait for the rest woke when it was time to march to find their hair frozen to the ground.

    The best depiction of the even on film I believe is ‘The Crossing” staring Jeff Daniels as Washington and a very good supporting cast. Here is a link to the whole movie. Well worth watching. https://youtu.be/jTzKaUgdfKs

  2. Jacek Hoffman says:

    It is the Sun, stupid!

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      In plain English, the Sun takes a nap and his output is diminished. Then that Earth’s atmosphere, a bubble surrounding Earth, gets cooler and shrinks in size. This shrinking cause turbulence and excessive rain in many areas. Until this stabilizes to a constant level, you will experience massive swings in the Polar jet streams which will bring hot/cold extremes (Texas & the NW) to both Hemispheres.
      Do two things – prepare – wood for your stoves, hay for Horses etc, grow your own foods and show not ‘tell’ everybody you can the facts about the coming Solar Minima – use Maunder Minimum as an example and state that it may be 6-10 COLDER!
      Do not be afraid to show people these facts. Those who ignore – well they’ll learn the hard way.
      The ones who listen – help them find more info from other sources like electroverse.net.
      But most of all – get ready NOW!

  3. Pra says:

    Also, not too long ago, some cyclical changes in the Sun’s electromagnetic output were found to be closely correlated with the alignment of the planets in our solar system, mostly the two big ones Jupiter and Saturn. These two are tiny compared to the Sun itself, but albeit small, the gravitational effect they have jointly on the Sun’s turbulent and volatile outer layer is enough to induce noticeable changes in our own planet’s atmosphere, as Svensmark and Shaviv have found.

    One cannot stop wondering what an amazingly beautiful world we live in.

  4. RoHa says:

    “Thirty years ago, under the direction of Al Gore, climate science took a turn towards ignorance.”

    Bollocks. Al Gore was not that influential. The really influential politician, who pushed the Global Warming story into international politics, and who set up the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research to find “scientific” support for the idea was Margaret Thatcher. Gore only became noticeable later.

  5. Howard T Crawford says:

    The Earth’s ability to regulate its temperature is astonishingly consistent. Weather is the phenomena that serves to warm the poles with the Sun’s heat from the tropics in a relentless attempt to equalize global temperature. That mechanism is working extremely well, don’t you think.
    As the only sentient inhabitants of our planet, we arrogantly assume that our average temperature of 61 F degrees is the optimum Earth temperature. It feels chilly to me. A large number of us must agree because we vote with our money and our feet to locate to warmer climes. I can’t remember anyone who willingly went the other way. As of this moment, the ideal Earth temperature has not been selected, but my observation is that people tend to gravitate toward optimums because since 1934; the Earth has been cooling:


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