Fauci : COVID Will Never Go Away, Regardless Of Jabs

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7 Responses to Fauci : COVID Will Never Go Away, Regardless Of Jabs

  1. Eli the pit bull says:

    Haha, we talked about this when it first started.
    They are following the script

  2. lasao says:

    Mankind has been living alongside corona viruses for a eons, which is why our immune system is so well adapted to dealing with these pathogens, and so effective in fighting them.
    So far, no Coronoa virus has succeeded, including the latest “COVID-19” generation, which is killing and incapacitating innocent victims in huge numbers, to no avail.

    This sociopath Fauci has been lying to us for too long, and he keeps lying. He is worse than this virus, and should be stopped without further delay. We need a grand jury summoned, to investigate him and all the other criminal evidence related to this bloodbath.

    • rah says:

      This “great reset” would not be going on if the government was capable of policing itself and there were real consequences for illegal activity.

  3. Liam says:

    Fauci will never go away!!!!!

    • rah says:

      Not by the actions of the government anyways. But when an official’s edicts have caused injury and death to so many, who knows what punitive action may be taken by some grieving person?

  4. Daniel Smeal says:

    Don’t be surprised when a “highly contagious and deadly” variant arises right before the elections to make it easier for the fraudsters. Just like 2020.

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