Over The Target

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  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Now they are talking about another TWO shots. They kept telling us the third shot was a booster, but today they said “People think this shot (the third) is a booster but it isn’t.”
    I had the first two but knew I wouldn’t be having any more. I watch GBNews and saw this and there are more honest news outlets now.

    • arn says:

      The writing was on the wall since June
      that there will be more than 3 shots (and i’m not talking about my crazy conspiracy theory from last spring when i claimed that the shots will go on forever or until they are replaced by something else)

      In June the Australian government ordered another 85 mio doses of blood and dna contaminators.
      Considering that Australias population is 25 mio
      and that the government has already ordered far more than 100 mio shots,
      it is obvious that 3 shots is not the end,but the beginning ,the epilogue of a mandatory vaccine culture.
      And i’m pretty sure the storyline for omicron has already been written,including the excuses why Pfizer&Co made the biggest breakthrough in
      history of medicine and can release new approved and working vaccines within a few days.(the FDA already ignores FOIA requests in order to protect the pharmalobby and asked a court for a 55 year postponement of the request
      (seems a JFK sized crime is going on))

  2. Richard says:

    The paper that is mentioned is an abstract and has not been peer reviewed. I cannot find the full paper anywhere and reading in a scientific paper the words mRNA Vacs is a bit concerning. I do not want to criticise or deny what is being concluded but more data will be needed and a full review of the findings. Of course it is very concerning if it is real!

    • Joy says:

      Remember ‘peer pressure’, back in 8th grade, 10th grade?
      Remember how you’d be mocked, disdained if you wore, or didn’t wear the deemed ‘in’ things?
      Now it’s VERY BIG, huge money, ‘money talks’, ‘grease their
      palms’. Any criticism leaked out, those organizations know their ‘cash cow’ could dry up.
      I suspect they know it will, are surprised they’ve managed for xo long. Other people mean nothing, only as a source of money, more power.
      They’re already saying another, WORSE disease (forget the name, well known!! ) will infect the world. And they have new vaccines ready. I saw this recently but there’s SO MUCH that I can’t keep tabs. Believe me what I saw, heard or not. We’ll find out.
      These findings are BLOCKED , and wiped. But always SOMEONE finds it.
      I’ve found the most truth in ‘conspiracy theories’, none in MSM.
      Almost none. There COULD be, so I don’t get prejudiced.
      These athletes DIED, the best, in their prime.
      While the sluggards, home watching TV, all vaccinated up, are OK,
      right now.

      • arn says:

        I think you mean the ebola variant that is called Magdeburg(or some other German city name that starts with M).

        but imo it’s enough to take a look at the Event 201(with bill gates and the usual suspects),that was about a global pandemie and took place a few weaks before the corona outbreak started.

  3. mwhite says:


    “The Covid Chronicles Movie IS NOW RELEASED!”

    Ivor Cummins.

  4. mwhite says:


    “Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity”

    Explains a lot

  5. Anon says:

    I miss that Griff character who always insisted that “Big Oil” was behind climate skepticism. You can see clearly here that government funding of science and medicine is the actual 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    They won’t publish increased heart disease findings, which have huge life and death ramifications for individuals, because they don’t want to lose “government funding”. Think about how much more important and immediate that is issue is, verses climate change, yet maintaining government funding is the #1 consideration.

    So, the next time someone claims Willie Soon or Judith Curry might be funded by Big Oil in some tangential roundabout way, ask where Michael Mann’s and Gavin Schmidt’s money comes from? Do you think either of those two individuals are capable of reporting anything that deviates from the political narrative. The video Tony just posted answers that: Not a chance !!!

  6. robobr says:

    Tony, you’re spot on.
    Here is an interview on this subject with Dr Peter McCullough, one of the world’s leading cardiologists:
    Dr. Peter McCullough: “I’m calling for a halt in the vaccine programme and a thorough safety review”

    Many top doctors and scientists, worldwide, have called for an immediate stop of this “vaccination” insanity.
    And by the way, people who got myocarditis and recovered from it, have a severe risk of dying from it later, typically withing the first 5 years.

  7. rah says:

    And then there is this:
    “Novavax Developing Vaccine Against Variant That Appeared 72 Hours Ago – Will Be Ready in Two Weeks, Already in Emergency Use Trials in Indonesia and Phillipines”


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