Collapse Of The Polar Melting Scam

January 4 Arctic sea ice extent was the highest in eighteen years.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Antarctica just had their coldest six months on record.

This came after their coldest January in over 40 years.

Antarctica set to coldest January since 1978, Southern Hemisphere hasn´t been so cold almost 10 years – mkweather

Experts predicted peak warming in Antarctica.

Manila Standard – Google News Archive Search

In 1984, NASA’s James Hansen predicted 4C global warming and 5-8C warming in Antarctica, which was going to be the fastest warming place on earth.

Wayback Machine

Three weeks ago the US government claimed that earth was experiencing dramatic sea ice loss and Greenland was rapidly melting.

Rising temperatures are causing an unprecedented transformation in the Arctic – The Verge

Greenland’s surface has gained about two trillion tons of ice over the past five years, which is about 500 billion tons above normal.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

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6 Responses to Collapse Of The Polar Melting Scam

  1. Windsong says:

    A bit ironic that a ship with the name Polar King cannot keep up in a small convoy behind the largest icebreaker in the world, then is abandoned in the ice. The Arktika is now reportedly attempting to rescue the Polar King. Another article in The Barents Observer reports on the critical cargo aboard the other two ships in that convoy: oil pipeline and terminal construction supplies. Time for some activists to get up there and tell the Russians how they feel about that.

  2. Peter Carroll says:

    No No. It’s still climate change Tony. Climate change is causing all the cold air to move into the Southern Hemisphere and cause massive cooling in Antarctica.
    It’s also causing the fourth cricket Test in Sydney to be interrupted by frequent rain.

  3. Alex Jutasi says:

    I live in Port Macquarie NSW Australia, Willy Weather just messaged me that we have had the highest annual temperature ever recorded at the Port Macqurie airport.
    I live here and there has not been any great hot spells unless the winds turn westerly off the inland and desert, this is mostly a 2-4 day event once a year.
    This summer I have slept with my doona on for most nights up until mid December(SUMMER) in Aus.
    Is there a vortex at the airport that could be of danger to aircraft, or is the thermometer stuck in the asphalt.
    Please axplain.

  4. Hansen’s calculations were correct, only they were the wrong calculations. Like Carl Sagan’s prediction of a nuclear winter event arising from the oil well fires of the first Gulf War, they are based on junk theory, which has only become established through repetition, rather than an actual analysis of the thermodynamics of the atmosphere. There is vehement opposition to examining the ‘irrefutable settled science’ on which the whole edifice of climate catastrophe rests, largely, I suspect to a sneaking awareness that it has feet of clay.

  5. RR says:

    Spikes in Arctic Sea Ice Extent come and go but the overall trend is down.
    December’s avg extent is down about 12% since 1979.

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