COVID Saves Kiwi Man From Life Sentence

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern cancels her wedding amid new Omicron restrictions | Reuters

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41 Responses to COVID Saves Kiwi Man From Life Sentence

  1. Walter L. Wagner says:

    Back in the day, when things weren’t going right, people would dance rain-dances to make it rain.

    Nowadays, we put on cloth masks to hide our faces – same concept – gotta do something and who knows, maybe it will work. But at least rain-dances didn’t make things worse.

    • jon says:

      How many people died yesterday from covid in NZ?

      How many in the US?

      Do those deaths just not register with you? Is that it?

      • arn says:

        Come on Jon.

        You really compare a 350 mio country of people whose health has been systematically ruined with processed food and opiod crisis(who obviously are leathal with the gain of function virus) with
        Arlands 5 mio open Air Goolag?

        Why don’t you compare it to similar sized countries with no mask ,no vax ,no lockdown requirements,like Belarus or Zimbabwe
        whose combined covid bodycount is about half the number of people dying from hunger on a single day or 0.3% of the Vietnam war,
        or about 1% of children that died as result of the systematical destruction of the pharmaceutical company in Sudan by Clinton
        or about 0.02 % killed by Mao.

        Now little Jon,who lives well in a system that killed 50 mio++ in a few years, may say
        that the death rate in New Zealand hasn’t went up .
        Well,same can be said about Germany.
        The annual death rate is at pre covid levels,
        only thing is that the number of flu victims has vanished
        and they are not interested in official low covid death rates as they want to implement forced vaccinations.

        Considering that you were the one recently complaining about conformation bias
        it your rhetorics are interesting(but not surpring )
        Why didn’t you at least get the idea to pick a single high vaccinated,masked US state,
        let’s say California,
        and compare it to New Zealand?

        Then youd be able to show us how reliable Nazilands numbers are and how well Covid tyranny works.

        • jon says:

          Oh arn, so much rage.

          I’m not making a statistical or even emotional comparison. My heart bleeds for the people of the US.

          And Arderns “open air gulag”…….you describe it based on your experience? I think not.

          This was a discussion about NZ and Walter’s comment turned it to masks – echoing the oft repeated false assertion about how useless they are. Which debate we cannot agree on, seemingly, though for the life of me I cannot find the quality data that supports your view.

          However, countries that have implemented and adhered to pandemic control measures have lower to zero death rates. Its a fact, however much it irritates.

          Yes, countries with bad histories have younger populations, which is also a kind of protection.

          Yes, countries with great (universal) healthcare systems and lower poverty induced ill health and obesity have done better.

          Yes, the people of the US have suffered terribly from bad healthcare, degraded conditions, unhealthy diet and appalling financial and pharmaceutical abuse. Neocon lies have impoverished the mass of people and insanely enriched the few.

          I remain unconvinced by the flu talk – and generally healthcare personnel (and the data) do not support your interpretation.

          And yes, Mao was a mad murdering bastard. Though I fail to see the relevance, as he’s been dead for 40+ years.

          When wealth distribution is so distorted, the awful consequences are legion. This has, historically, been the spark for most popular revolts. And doubtless this has ploughed the ground, made it ready for all the lies that have taken root.

          I’m just not sure why you need to be so rude and patronizing – I mean, I get that you’re angry, I’m just not clear why I’m recipient of your bile.

          Unless you feel that my disagreeing with things you adhere to implies some apparent superiority assumption on my part.

          It does not.

          Hatred of the lies, anger at the liars, patient sympathy with the lied to.

          And a high standard of politeness in discourse.

          My mother tried hard to make me decent. My father tried hard to make me determined. They were neither of them satisfied, yet I continue to try.

          And for this you belittle me and assume I’m an idiot, it seems. Yet you don’t care to address the primary data point that shows the truth;

          Who is dying – the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

          • arn says:

            Dear Jon.
            Why do you blame communism,where genozide is the rule
            just as concentration camps (I bet you’d be 1 million times more upset if the number of uighurs prisoners was 99% lower as soon as theu were from your religion)

            And about dying in New Zealand i’d recommend the recent “Deaths in New Zealand ” video Peak Prosperty channel.

            Just read the comment and you ‘ll get an idea.

          • jon says:


            Is there a medication that does not cause some deaths?

            “Death rate attributed to NSAID/aspirin use was between 21.0 and 24.8 cases/million people, respectively, or 15.3 deaths/100,000 NSAID/aspirin users. Up to one-third of all NSAID/aspirin deaths can be attributed to low-dose aspirin use.”


            I don’t see you up in arms about aspirin, though its FAR worse than the CLAIMS for all the vaccines combined.

            Your uighur reference is just distraction. Neither you nor I are responsible for – or able to much influence murderous regimes all over the world. And its nothing to do with covid.

            How many people did the US wars in the middle east kill? I’m pretty sure you’re not responsible and I’m damned sure those deaths were not covid related.

            “Peak Prosperity” is a quarter baked economics channel thats turned to monetizing misinforming or half informing about covid. Your filters are busted if that’s a primary data source for you.

            The 2 or 3 deaths in NZ that MIGHT be ascribed to Pfizer – I see no other claims – are terrible but, despite your assertion, uncertain of direct cause.

            And if we assume NZ mirrored the US covid death rate then covid deaths would be around 10,000 to 30,000.

            So 10,000 deaths prevented and 3 deaths (potentially) caused.

            I’m super glad you don’t get to make epidemiological or public health decisions.

            So I’ve answered your whataboutism. Politely, despite your attempts to distract.

            How about you now answer my question you keep avoiding.

            In the partially vaccinated US, with a large population and with among the best data reporting/recording of any large data set;

            Who is dying? The vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

            Its not a trick question – it just cuts to the facts in real outcomes of lives lost or not lost.

      • Michael Peinsipp says:

        Did they die WITH or FROM Covid Sir?
        Even the CDC admits that most died WITH Covid not from…in fact only 6% died FROM Covid.

  2. Disillusioned says:


  3. Timo, Not That One says:

    Why is it that so many modern Communists/NAZIs are of questionable sexuality?

  4. Jeff L. says:

    Love your headline Tony!

    When I read this a few days ago, my thought was that she has cold feet, and this is a poor excuse.

    • jon says:

      As usual, the gateway pundit scratching for something, ANYTHING to try to bolster their nonsense.

      And for those who look past the whacky gateway pundit headlines;

      The “record” death rate was 6 today. 2000 plus in the US, just saying……

      Maltw infection rates among the elderly are among the highest in Europe, suggesting perhaps too much relaxation of hygiene discipline.

      “…the ECDC data showed Malta had a hospitalisation rate of 13.6 (which is the EU average) and a low 0.8 for ITU admissions…

      ….Despite this, Malta’s death rate remained among the lowest in Europe at just over 15 deaths per 100,000 people.”

      Where most US states have a covid deathrate of over 300 per 100,000. Related closely to vaccination rate, funnily enough.

      Malta data from here;

      US data from here;

      • Eli the Pit Bull says:

        Hey Jon, how does that Bolshevik boot strap taste?
        Since mask and vaccines are a total failure, have fun staying home. That’s your only option

        • jon says:

          Is this how you actually talk to people?


          Ok, bolshevik boot strap. No idea what that means. I suppose you imagine I live in a “workers paradise”, oppressed at every turn by apparatchiks. China is more capitalist than you can imagine. And very good at it.

          I’m here because my wife is Chinese and because business is good here. Staying home? Nope, I’m unrestricted and busy, travelling widely and involved in a bunch of active business.

          As for “mask and vaccines are a total failure”, how about you answer the only question that actually matters;

          Who is dying? The vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

          • Michael Peinsipp says:


          • Timo, Not That One says:


          • establ says:

            “Scotland, Britain, Israel, and Denmark are four of the world’s most highly vaccinated countries. They all have 90 percent adult Covid vaccination rates and 60 percent adult boosters. Yet the vast majority of deaths are occurring in vaccinated people; serious cases are soaring; and infections are almost literally off the charts.”


          • jon says:

            establ, maths will do that.

            When 100% are vaccinated, would ANY unvaccinated appear in the death statistics?

            No, they would not.

            So as vaccination levels rise, the (reduced) deaths eventually shift towards the vaccinated.

            Taking Scotland as the example, using the latest weeks figures from the data in the link, and simplifying for clarity (ie these are not REAL calculations, they’re approximations to illustrate);

            Counting “vaccinated” as 3 doses and “unvacinnated” as 0 and 1 dose, neglecting the 2 dose population as in-between and very small, and assuming the 90% level of vaccination;

            90% of the population produced 71 deaths

            10% produced 19 deaths.

            So “correcting” for the population differences requires a x 9 or ÷ 9.

            Meaning that the “corrected” deathrate among the unvaccinated is 171.

            Then accounting for virtually ALL of the unvaccinated being younger and less vulnerable amplifies this difference… 2? 4? 10? depends on fine details of the population we are considering.

            So the answer to my question as to who is dying; the unvaccinated, largely.

            My question was, as always, about the US.

            Who, in the US, is dying? The vaccinated or the unvaccinated? With much lower vaccination rates, no analysis is needed. Overwhelmingly (and very clearly) the unvaccinated are the preponderance of the dead.

          • aeroearth says:

            May I suggest you track Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube videos concerning COVID-19.
            He gives web sources for all the information he publishes and invites viewers to verify those sources for themselves. I and others find him quite believable, you may not.
            To summarise, the risk of dying OF COVID-19 “omicron” variant is very small. Less than that of dying from influenza and pneumonia. The unvaccinated run a far higher risk of hospitalisation than vaccinated. Vaccination effectiveness dies off over maybe 20 weeks or so, natural immunity lasts for years. Being vaccinated DOES NOT stop anyone from contracting the virus and DOES NOT stop them from spreading it to others. EVERYONE will be exposed to “omicron” due to its high transmissibility, comparable to that of measles. MOST people infected with “omicron” will exhibit mild symptoms, if at all and after nominally five days, will recover.

          • jon says:

            Responding to aeroearth.

            I have followed a lot of his stuff in the past, dropping off when he got things badly wrong and refused to correct.

            He is an articulate and thorough educator, with a PhD in nursing education – so his qualifications are marginally in the area, but much more relevant than mine.

            1) He lost me when he started supporting ivermectin as a treatment. He got various facts wrong and (perhaps deliberately) misinterpreted various studies. Field experts have countered his arguments well enough to convince me.

            And NOBODY has shown any actual study outcomes that support the use.

            If you have good data – rather than opinions to share – I’d be pleased to read.

            2) Aspiration during vaccination.

            I see zero evidence to support this and Campbells mistakes are well answered by Yan Yu.

            To be clear, the vaccination sites contain no significant blood vessels and are selected precisely for this.

            Intravenous introduction is vanishingly unlikely, making this irrelevant as well as plain wrong. Not my arguments – they come from knowledgeable replies that anti-vaccine persons choose to ignore.

            3) The heart inflammation abstract he publicized, where he spent 20 minutes declaiming about the worries it created and observing that he couldn’t find the paper.

            He couldn’t find the paper because there IS NO PAPER. It was an online conference abstract, describing work that the researcher was engaged in and proposing to present.

            No peer review, no paper, other publication.

            If I could work this out, he should have been able to. And oh look, I just reviewed that video and he ends by saying EXACTLY THIS. I wonder how many over heated sharers of the link to his video make it to the end, before their Olympic standard jumping to conclusions.

            This isn’t DATA, its a description of ongoing analysis that (so far) hasn’t resulted in publication. And the American Heart Assoc DID kind of review the abstract and required much of the language to be toned down.

            Not an alarm bell, despite becoming a universal touch stone for people who haven’t understood.

            No correction or follow up from Campbell that I could find. Just rumour spreading, resulting in misinforming you and others.

            4) His death certificate nonsense is the worst mistake (I’m being charitable in using that word). It demonstrates a lack of understanding as to how death certificates are filled out.

            Frankly, I’d expect him to know the truth, so this looks like click baiting for the anti-vax, covid denial audience.

            If the cause of death is respiratory failure and the underlying issues are pneumonia, associated with covid symptoms and a positive covid test – then by his logic, this is NOT A COVID DEATH.

            Almost no death cert would list covid as the CAUSE of death – because the cause is an organic failure RESULTING from covid.

            His description sounds like nonsense, but its become a thematic thread in this type of conversation, as people fantasize about the difference between death FROM and death WITH covid.

            Completion of death certificates carries a legal duty of accuracy, so no attending physician will take this lightly or knowingly lie about it – but talking nonsense about this is now a mainstay of the fantasy market.

            So, overall, thanks for your suggestion to investigate this.

            Already did, already concluded its perhaps wilful distortions to get clicks, or ignorant over confidence – based on the reviews of actually knowledgeable people, rather than my own.

            Either way, people who know more (than you or I or Campbell) have shown this nonsense for what it is.

          • jon says:

            And before I get buried in angry links to the meta studies that apparently show benefits from ivermectin, perhaps this will quell some of the noise:

            “The authors of one recently published meta-analysis of ivermectin for COVID-193 have publicly stated that they will now reanalyze and republish their now-retracted meta-analysis and will no longer include either of the two papers just mentioned. As these two papers1,6 were the only studies included in that meta-analysis to demonstrate an independently significant reduction in mortality, the revision will probably show no mortality benefit for ivermectin.

            Several other studies that claim a clinical benefit for ivermectin are similarly fraught, and contain impossible numbers in their results, unexplainable mismatches between trial registry updates and published patient demographics, purported timelines that are not consistent with the veracity of the data collection, and substantial methodological weaknesses. We expect further studies supporting ivermectin to be withdrawn over the coming months.”

            from here;


          • jon says:

            Question for aeroearth;

            If Omicron is so mild and benign, how do you explain the 70k plus deaths (and rising rapidly) since the start of that infection wave?

            Its almost like data just doesn’t matter – whatever actual evidence you see, you can dismiss it.

          • Janet Marshall says:

            I live in NZ. I started work here and paying taxes when I was fourteen and still paying taxes 61 years later. I am now classed as the filthy unjabbied and according to madam leader a second class citizen who needs to be avoided at all costs and protected from by the wonderful government.. NZ is just about finished. We have had two years of relentless fear mongering, guilt tripping and threats, resulting in a country of people who avoid eye contact over their masks, avoid walking near others, doors closed to anyone who hasn’t had the experimental drug concoction injected into them, doctors who cant see their patients (mine is one) families broken because some don’t want the experimental drug injected into them and the ugly NAZI list goes on and on and on…………………I personally know three people who have DIED from brain clots and strokes within 2 weeks of having that jab.
            It’s summer here now, winter looming, and while the rest of the sane countries are dropping rules and mandates this coven of evil here does the opposite. No one will have any immunity to anything with their useless nappies stuck on their faces everywhere, even in the fresh air. The brain washing is strong. The fear is strong. The division and seperatism is strong. NZ as I knew it has GONE, so don’t insult me by telling me none of this is true and the jab, which destroys your own immune system is great.
            Jacinda Ardern is a communist and is leading and destroying NZ down the commie gurgler with fear, threats and guilt and NZers, who have had it too good for too long are just hiding away in fear and letting it happen. So much for democracy, it’s GONE in this arse end of the world blob of earth. Well now she’s in hiding along with her globalist mate Trudeau, of course blaming the covid of which she’s supposed to be fully jibbied and boosted. UGGHHHH. Just sickening. They all need stringing up. Roll on Nuremburg 2.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Oh, well, some day in the distant future, a seafaring captain named Perry the 25th will wander upon the lost islands of New Zealand and reopen them. The natives will be wearing wool skirts, and there will be models of jet airplanes made of wool on the highest peaks.

    • jon says:

      What an odd little story.

      And your knowledge of my country is based on……..let me guess, conspiracy sites, FacePlant news, the GateWay Pundit?

      How is this kind of nonsense supposed to advance a conversation that allows us to live on the same planet?

      What I see in discussions on this site, relating to covid, is an agreement fest among people who are immune to data who get quite cross with any suggestion that their preconceptions and understandings might need to be adjusted to fit the facts, as the facts evolve.

      What I see is the close clutching of doctrines and the amplification of ignorance and outlier information, to reinforce a belief system.

      And a descent into patronizing silliness and rudeness, when the quarter baked arguments don’t seem to hold up to examination.

      And its all a bit sad.

      And again, in the partially vaccinated US, with a large population and with among the best data reporting/recording of any large data set;

      Who is dying? The vaccinated or the unvaccinated?

      Its not a trick question – it just cuts to the facts in real outcomes of lives lost or not lost.

      This site WAS about good science and deep, honest analysis. And now not so much.

  6. roaddog says:

    Jacinda is the penultimate reminder to spay and neuter your liberal acquaintances.

    • jon says:

      So, fascism then.

      Because its easier than actually presenting an argument and balancing the facts before concluding.

      What a ray of hope for the future.

      • Disillusioned says:

        So, fascism then.

        So, no. What you didn’t know is that roaddog is life member of the International Sarcasm Society.

        • jon says:

          Well its like an education, coming here!

          (that’s irony)

          You’re obviously much smarter than me, for detecting this!

          (that’s irony, applied with a cruel intent, or sarcasm)

          I should get your neighbour’s to piss on your doorstep!

          (that’s **approximately** sarcasm, verging on a mild threat that probably isn’t real)

          Or get them to chop your genitals off to ensure you don’t reproduce, as everything I believe I dislike about you is (based on my ignorant, superstitious eugenic beliefs) clearly a genetic trait and I want your line extinct to strengthen the species!

          (that’s being a fascist (quite possibly without realizing it) and trying to pretend it’s humerous)

          • Disillusioned says:

            No jon, you are not getting an education here. You have said your mind is open and you want to learn. But, your posts give away what is actually true. You dismiss everything contrary to what you already believe, and only the studies and experts you choose are valid. If you were to actually open up and stop trying to educate everyone else, it is possible to learn something. Clearly, now is not that time; you seem way too invested in what you believe is, are far too intent on holding on to it and are nowhere close to disillusionment. Your intimidating trolling and long-winded debating over the past few weeks has been begging the question – just whom it is you are trying to convince (or perhaps, to stay convinced). I wish you the best.

        • roaddog says:

          Comedy is anathema to the woke.

      • jon says:

        Seems I’ve offended.

        Ah well. That’s something.

        Disrupting a mutual appreciation society, otherwise busy sharing its incomprehension and falsehoods, might induce some thinking, in one or other of the readers.

        Though perhaps not you.

        You see my (I grant you OCD) factual perspective and approach to evidence as trolling. Yet the spreading of wildly misinformed certainty and snyde dismissals is normal discourse.


    • jon says:

      Who is the ULTIMATE reminder?

      Do tell.

  7. aeroearth says:

    I have to say that I burst out laughing when I read that title.
    For those that do not know Jacinda Arden is a communist and has had one child with her “partner” just after becoming NZ’s Prime Minister.
    The communists DO NOT believe in the vastly superior Capitalist Western society values and according to their “guide book” The communist Manifesto written 174 years ago by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, eschew religious beliefs, so I guess bringing a child into the World and not being married follows her communist beliefs.

  8. Daniel Smeal says:

    Ha! Took me a minute to ‘get’ your headline. Looks like the life sentence is still ‘imminent’ – just the date when he begins serving has been changed.

  9. Janet Marshall says:

    Oh and by the way, Jacinda Arderns ‘partner’ is a druggy and has been done for cocaine. All kept quiet of course. That’s who she plans to have as NZs ‘1st man’. Puke puke. He even posted photos of himself in red lacy womens knickers and bra at a party on FB a couple of years ago. I saw and read the post. They are blatant and the people applaud!!!!!

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