Massachusetts Hockey Stick

Joe Biden says if you get injected you won’t get sick.

COVID-19 Raw Data – December 31, 2021

Politifact gets five Pinocchio’s for this story.

PolitiFact | Joe Biden exaggerates efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines

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6 Responses to Massachusetts Hockey Stick

  1. Greg in NZ says:

    ‘Politifact’? More correctly, Politi-Fiction, as per Orwell’s Law, ie. double-think.

    For comparison: NZ’s death toll from road accidents 2020-2021 (during Operation Covert-19) was 639, while deaths from/of/with the WuFlu totalled 51 (predominantly 80-year-olds in rest homes).

    So far this Christmas holiday period (remember it’s summer break here) another 14 lives have ended on the roads – car, truck, motorbike, pedestrian ‘accidents’, with just as many drowning in rivers and the sea – while 2 have died ‘with’ the bug in the past few days.

    Instead of being on holiday, preparing her wedding / TV show PR extravaganza, Comrade Jacinda Ardern could be promoting safer driving skills, awareness around water, healthy preventative measures for young and old… Ha! Who am I kidding, ziss iss part of zee plan!

  2. kzvx says:

    Hilarious to see that useless MF fail once again. We shouldn’t take glee from ‘vaccinated’ people getting sick but it’s hard to stifle the guffaws. Hey Joe: thanks for your charming Christmas message but I am NEVER going to take your fake ‘vaccines’.

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Nashville doc dies from Pfizer clot, they call it a Covid death. I see what they are doing

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