Vaccine Efficacy

There are three times as many “active cases” in the US now as there was when the mass injections were started.

United States COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

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18 Responses to Vaccine Efficacy

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    “At least 108 players and coaches in England faced cardio health problems between February and November 2021”
    “Four players and a coach died of heart related incidents in December alone”

    This isn’t normal.
    I wonder if football executives are rethinking the vaccine mandates.
    I wonder if there’s a payoff by pharmaceutical companies for them to ignore the problem….

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    My daughter is a pediatrician and is dealing with an 8 patient that has severe neurological issues that started within an hour of getting the vax.
    It’s so severe the patient can no longer talk. (Well she couldn’t with a tracheotomy tube stuffed down her throat)
    The child never had any issues before she took the vax.
    To be clear, my daughter does not recommend the Covid vax for her patients. The parents just up and took the kid to (pharmacy) to get vaxxed and now claim the pharmacy staff did not make her aware of side effects, which started on the way home from the pharmacy

    • Walter L. Wagner says:

      You should have her check the batch number. About 98% of the serious Adverse Events are in only 2% of the batches.

      Clear lack of informed consent. Liability on the part of the pharmacy, as well. I’d take ’em to court if it were my kid, due to failure to adequately inform.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      My daughter is a pediatric emergency room nurse, and has bought in totally on the vaccine. She jumped to get her booster even before it was required. She and her husband are totally bought in and will only listen to evidence that comes from a double-blind study, which of course there is none, even the one that Pfizer claims they ran. I get shouted down to the point I’ve given up. Hopefully, their eyes will open to the fact that the vaccine does no or little good. It certainly does not stop infections or transmissions. But every time one of their friends gets the infection and the symptoms are mild, they say that the vaccine worked. The only problem is that most people, with or without the vaccine, will have mild symptoms. So it is difficult to tell whether the vaccine made any difference.
      It seems like Dr. Malone is right, we have a case of mass hysteria going on. People are looking for witches to blame. It’s a sad statement for our educational system.

      • Richard says:

        How do you know you are correct?? The Covid vaccine is not a Star Track cloaking device to keep you from getting Covid, like the flu shot it lessens the time you are sick and reduces pain and suffering
        the reported numbers are better for vaccinated then non-vaccinated

        • Windsong says:

          Richard, can you please link a study that supports the theory that flu vaccination lessens flu duration? The only one I have seen reports the absence of one symptom, but not a shorter duration. It is almost impossible to quantify because of the potential for a clear mismatch, like this flu season, and individuals unique response to the virus. Press releases from pharmaceutical companies, CDC and/or advice from network medical advisors do not count.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I told them, ya’ll told them, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA process, told them…BUT they told us we were racists, anti science, anti Vax, anti Health, etc etc etc.
    Well now they ALL get to live with their disabilities/deaths from the DEATH JAB!
    I am a PUREBLOOD!

  4. Gamecock says:

    I apologize for saying it again, but the problem is the vaccine makes people stupid. They think it is an actual vaccine, so they relax their precautions and hygiene.

    Perhaps when it gets to the point they recommend a fifth shot – Israel is at 4 – it will finally dawn on people that it isn’t really a vaccine. And that vaccine (sic) mandates are a crime against humanity. As were Cuomo’s sending CV patients into nursing homes. Not just murder: mass murder.

  5. Daniel Smeal says:

    This substance should not be called a ‘vaccine’. A vaccine ‘prevents disease’. This stuff is obviously NOT doing that. Maybe it should be called a ‘death serum’ instead.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Yeah the graph seems to be typical of an epidemic rolling along, completely unaffected by the vaccine.

    • gregole says:

      Yup. The virus is going to do what virus’ do. Masks are silly. The current vaccines more harm than good (I only hope they don’t give people AIDS), and public policy has been horrible.

  7. gregole says:
    A long read but worth it.

    Vaccines are worthless compared to acquired immunity.
    Masks are no protection. None at all.
    Lockdowns were entirely harmful with no net benefit.

    Sorry all you Kovid Karens. You were, and continue to be wrong on Kovid.

    Poor leadership and bad policies along with the usual barrage of media lies coupled with an alarmingly large number of Kovid Karens among the populace has resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessarily deaths and countless suffering.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Jaw-dropping smoking gun the panicdemic was planned, in advance:

    October 2019: Bureaucrats, including Anthony Fauxi, HHS officials and the complicit media discuss how it’s going to happen, on the proverbial eve of the planned Covid19 scare. They discuss the need to “blow the system up,” to clear a path to get everyone in the world to get “this new vaccine we haven’t given anyone yet.” There needs to be a transition “from tried and true egg growing,” a need to abandon the 10-year safety trials window and shrink that window down by creating an urgent call for an entity of excitement that’s so completely disruptive it’s not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.

    It appears nothing about this has been about saving lives from a real, honest to goodness pandemic (another term the definition of which has been changed by the Ministry of Truth). It was about creating panic. For a specific outcome. It was a PLAN; it was all about a way to get everyone to take their new, untested vaccines, just as fast as humanly possible.

    Fauxi was clearly not happy that not enough people are taking the annual flu shots, and he said he/they need to “change the perceptions of influenza” [in a disruptive way to increase the numbers of people receiving Big Pharma injections].

  9. GWS says:

    It’s so strange — 20 years ago we would be talking about boosting our immune systems with nutrition and herbs, as opposed to drugs. Today not a peep. And everyone is freeing-out.

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