Building Back Better

The World Bank explains how Biden is destroying the global economy.

The increase in energy prices over the past two years has been the largest since the 1973 oil crisis. Price increases for food commodities—of which Russia and Ukraine are large producers—and fertilizers, which rely on natural gas as a production input, have been the largest since 2008.

“Overall, this amounts to the largest commodity shock we’ve experienced since the 1970s. As was the case then, the shock is being aggravated by a surge in restrictions in trade of food, fuel and fertilizers,” said Indermit Gill, the World Bank’s Vice President for Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions. “These developments have started to raise the specter of stagflation. Policymakers should take every opportunity to increase economic growth at home and avoid actions that will bring harm to the global economy.

Commodity Markets Outlook April 2022

Gas Station Price Charts – Local & National Historical Average Trends –

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6 Responses to Building Back Better

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    After releasing our petroleum reserves, gas prices briefly went down, but only for about 2 weeks. Prices are already up as much as 20 cents this week. When gas hits $5, on its way to $6 average, even the democrats will be calling to recall the Biden Presidency.
    I talked to an obvious democrat at the gas pump (she had a local democrat candidate bumper sticker on her car) and she’s had enough. She only put $5 in her tank because she said “that’s all I have, I hope I make it to work to get my pay check and back to the bank”
    It took $106 to fill up my truck, and when I complained another person in a Prius replied “that’s what you get for buying a gas guzzler”, never mind that I had over 1,200 pounds of supplies on the truck that help people save on their energy cost at home or work.
    These people haven’t got a clue do they.
    You can’t strap 1,200 pounds of equipment on a Prius, or a battery operated truck either.
    An equipment supplier drove his new battery operated company truck loaded with equipment only one time. He got less than half the mileage advertised because of the load.
    People are finding out and are buying up all the used gas trucks. You can’t find them. I was offered twice what paid for mine 4 years ago. I’m not selling. Parts are plentiful so I’ll keep driving it until the nightmare ends.
    “Gas guzzlers” are never going away. Emissions are never going down.
    The earth will be greener because of it.

    • aeroearth says:

      When the Toyota battery fails estimated cost is of the order of $4,000. As a Prius Owner you could still drive the car, but my guess is you’ll be getting the same MPG as your truck.
      Good question to ask supporters of “human caused climate change” if they could point you to scientific proof – and in 27 years of looking I can’t find any. So I have decided that’s because it isn’t there. Neither can the independent Physicists, Engineers and many others, some of whom have spent their life times studying the Earth’s climate. So no need AT ALL for inefficient virtue signalling electric vehicles for those non thinking non technical folk drawn in by the communist’s propaganda.
      We’ll know when Elon Musk gets it right when he eventually puts an optional gasoline engine in his Tesla’s. As indeed he must. A market will arise to fit IC engines to old electric vehicles to avoid scrapping them off.

      • Disillusioned says:


        Interesting comments. Perhaps that’s Toyota’s price for the complete Prius multi-battery replacement. But, nobody I know goes to the Toyota dealer to replace every one of them (I am sure you know it is a bunch of individual batteries pancaked together, each of which is individually removable and replaceable). If a car actually needs a complete multi-battery replacement (which is rare), a couple years ago when I looked, rebuilds were in the neighborhood of $900. With inflation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price is higher than that today.

        Although I would never, ever own a plug-in electric-only vehicle (other than a golf cart), I love my hybrid Toyota Prius. It is 8-years-old. The ICE is the same dependable engine that is in the Corolla, and all the batteries are good. I drive it hard, I put a lot of miles on it, and it is the most reliable automobile I have ever owned. I am spoiled. Although it is a passenger car and will never be a delivery truck, with the rear seat backs folded forward I have loaded it down with plenty of lumber and building materials from the lumber yard; it is deceptively roomy.

        I agree with you that Tesla will need to include ICE hybrids to survive; I could never understand how the company could survive with all electric-only vehicles (without the federal grants and tax credits), let alone will it be able to be competitive with the impending energy infrastructure crisis the U.S. is heading toward as more coal fired power plants are shuttered, which is total insanity. Somehow, we need to stop and reverse the globalist destruction of our energy infrastructure.

        (And I had no idea the Prius would run with just the ICE – that would be news to me; are you sure that is correct?)

        Lastly, I am not a fan of Musk. He is on record saying the goal of government should be to maximize the happiness of the people and wants socialist universal basic income for all. Since pensioners have paid into the system their whole lives, we must honor Social Security. But I do not believe in universal basic income for able-bodied individuals, let alone welfare to corporations. If there is any possibility of righting the ship, we need to stop the financial bleeding. Instead, the hemorrhaging is accelerating.

    • Disillusioned says:

      As a Prius owner , I am embarrassed that you were shamed “for buying a gas guzzler.” I have owned plenty of V8 vehicles, and when my ship comes back in, I want a big diesel truck with four doors. For now, for my daily driver, I enjoy zipping around in my ‘Let’s Go Brandon Edition’ Prius. I got the idea from the Kid:

  2. Bonnie says:

    Klaus Schwab and his members of the WEF should be encased in concrete. that would be the best foundation for building back better.

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