Arctic Meltdown Update

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1989                                                                       2022

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5 Responses to Arctic Meltdown Update

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    There’s been a marked cooling trend since 2015, and we are now seeing proof.
    But don’t count on the media reporting this, or even Twitter, because Elon may very well back out of the deal. It’s too broken to fix, apparently

  2. James Henry says:

    I’m willing to bet that 2022 will still be declared the “hottest year ever”. After erasing the coldest winter on record (for many areas), the “adjusted” global temperature will be .025 C warmer than 2021, the previous hottest year ever. Of course no one will mention that the margin for error is -3 to +3C.

  3. If we Reversed the flow of the YUKON RIVER the Natives would be thrilled & no one would be thirsty in Southwest will be SouthWet AGAIN!

  4. Joe says:

    Arctic sea ice is getting dangerously close to average, and has climate scientists worried ;)

  5. Frank says:

    Combine this with Zwally’s still-yet-to-be-released study of 2018 showing that Antarctic continues to gain 50 to 200 gigatons of ice per year, net even of losses in the west, and it would seem to be very inconvenient for the warming narrative. Antarctic is 1000 times more ice than Arctic. Thus, it would seem, if one were to take total ice volume on Earth to be a good average temp indicator, well, then, we should be planning for a cooling Earth, not a warming one. IF that is true, and I think it is based upon unbiased data, then Humans are hurtling towards a disaster of species-threatening proportion. Worse, IMO, we are making decisions that focus on carbon, a truly idiotic endeavor unsupported by science, rather than focusing on real Earth problems of pollution. Either we wake up and follow real science, or I guess we get what we deserve. We’ve let criminals make our planetary decisions for too long now. This is embarrassing, and probably why any Galactic neighbors would want nothing to do with us.

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