Boris Admits He Is Arming Nazis In The Ukraine

Looks like Boris Johnson is looking for a way out of the mess he has helped create.

On patrol with the far-right National Militia – BBC Newsnight    Apr 3, 2018

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12 Responses to Boris Admits He Is Arming Nazis In The Ukraine

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Denazification is the word Putin is using the justify his incursion. Boris was paraphrasing, and probably assumed that everyone else understood this context.

    • arn says:

      Deep State propaganda outlet NPR.
      I’m impressed.
      Still listening to guys who have been telling you for month about all the victories
      of Ukraine and incompetence of Russian Army,
      while at the same time Russians are taking town after town and thousands of POWs while Ukrainians are begging for tanks and artillery.
      Your parents ain’t guilty of raising a smart child.

      But now back to the article.
      Not a single word about the US puppet regime killing 13000 Ukrainians in the Donbass since 2014 by Oligarch Poroshenko and then High Heels Actor Zelensky.

      Not a single word that Poroshenko came illegally into power as result of a coup
      and that the USA pushed this Oligarch and Jatzenyuk into power.
      (remember Nulands leaked phone call where she knew before the coup that Arsenj Jatzenjuk will be Ukrainians next Prime Minister.
      How nice of the USA to tell Ukrainians who will run their country – that’s freedom and democracy i guess)

      Not a single word that Zelensky is a puppet of another Oligarch = Kolomoysky
      (boss of Hunter Biden at Burisma and Joes buttkisser).
      who is also jewish ,and the main sponsor of Asov Nazis.
      Pretty kosher those Nazis – ain’t they.

      Kolomoysky – after losing his run for presidency big way decided to get in through the backdoor.
      He started producing a TV show,where an actor becomes president of Ukraine by coincidence with his party “Servants of the people”.
      He chose Zelensky to play this role.
      And after some time as TV show they switched this fiction into reality and Zelensky became president and the biggest Astro Turf since Barack Obama.

      And nowadays it is mandatory for MSM, Big Tech, EU politicians and Hollywood to kiss Zelenskies butt,just as it was with Obama.
      And they have even more in common.
      Both were not allowed to chose their cabinet.
      Zelenskies was chosen by Kolomoysky, Obamas was chosen by Froman &CityBank way before Obama was elected (which was revealed by wikileaks)

      Not a single word that these Ukrainian Western puppets ignored 3!!!! agreements.
      The first was a peace treaty before the coup,and while they pretended negotiations
      they started the overthrow
      The 2nd was Minsk 1 agreement
      the 3rd Minsk 2.

      They did it even a forth time,when they started to pretend negotiations in Turkey a few weeks ago.
      And after several days of negotiations the Ukrainians instantly sabotaged the negotiations by saying they will only accept an unconditional Russian surrender.
      (seems Zelensky watched the Black Knight fight in Monty Pythons Holy Grail too many times )

      Not a single word about the fact that Zelensky won the election because he promised to normalise relationships with Russia – and then he did the exact opposite.

      Now to the Nazis.
      Before this war started there were many documentaries even in the MSM about the massive Nazi threat in Ukraine even in the MSM.
      Documentaries like
      Neo Nazi threat in Ukraine – BBC
      Far right groups threatening to overthrow Ukraine – BBC
      Ukrainians far right childrens camp – the Guardian

      All of this started to change around 2019.
      At that time the top US think tank RAND released a strategical paper to ruin Russia with a proxy war against Ukraine .
      The MSM rhetoric started to change to cheap excuse Idiotspeak that you love so much.

      ” Photos of Nazi Symbols in Ukraine are shared out of contest ” France 24
      (sounds familiar doesn’t it,
      because a similar kind of pseudo expert sub-headlines is used in your link )

      Why Azov should not be designated a terror organisation – Atlanticcouncil

      Btw – there is a great interview from 2 weeks ago at Sud France Radio with a guy
      called Adrien Bocquet.
      He went from France to Ukraine to help fight the Russians (as medical support )
      He was with the Azov guys and heard them constantly joking about killing black people and jews once they are finished with Putin.
      In the end he had to run away from them to save his life.
      ” J’ai vus des crimes abominables commis par Azov” is the title of the interview.
      The English translation is shaky but understandable.

      • Stuart Hamish says:

        ” dignity and honor ” ? ..The Kremlin and Soviet satellite regimes such as Honecker’s GDR have trained and funded neo Nazi militia’s [ and Middle Eastern and Marxist terrorist groups ] since the 1970’s to destabilize their enemies …. This is no secret anymore . There are at least four neo fascist paramilitary organizations and political parties active in Russia and the Donbas district with the Kremlin’s connivance and blessing . Putin envisions himself as the heir of the Tsar Peter the Great and the Kremlin’s ‘de – nazification’ rhetoric is just a pretextual rationale to annex a territory he sees as a renegade province since the time of the Tsar’s .

        The real elephant in the room here is Boris Johnson’s compromised friendship with the Russian billionaire and member of the House of Lords Evgeny Lebedev – the largest stakeholder of The Independent [ co founded by Boris Johnson’s father in law ] whose oligarch father was a pro Putin ex KGB foreign service officer who backed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea nearly a decade ago …..

        Some have wondered why the scientist Matthew Puncher was dispatched by the British government to a Ural’s nuclear facility in the aftermath of the polonium poisoning of Litvinenko, quite aware Punchers visits would endanger his life He returned a changed ,traumatized man and his death ruled a suicide . [ See the
        Buzzfeed article ‘ The Man Who Knew Too Much ‘ and examine the ‘diagram of deaths linked to the Litvinenko assassination ] One theory has it that Theresa May’s disgustingly corrupt government , British intelligence officialdom , Vladimir Putin and the Russian mafia wanted the network of leads, investigators and players disappeared or killed off so the “Londongrad” business model could resume as normal ……..In their mutual interests

        • Stuart Hamish says:

          ” dignity and honor ” …

          • arn says:


            1 ) Soviet and Russia = 2 different pair of shoes.

            2)Communists and Nazis were both funded by Wall Street.
            Sutton wrote 2 very detailed books about that.
            It went even so far that Wall Street bank Kuhn&Loeb Bank (FED co owners)paid tons of money to Japan to wage war on Russia after the first “Russian Revolution” failed in 1905 to weaken Russia for the next “Revolution”.
            And they succeeded.
            The same guysare now funding Ukraine.

            3) Litvinenko?
            You can blame Putin for all killings around the world,
            but there are 2 guys in the world he hasn’t killed for sure.
            Litvinenko and the politician who got shot in Moscow.
            Here is some crazy conspiracy theory stuff ,
            using your logic of Almighty ,Superevil ,Supereffective and Supersmart Putin.

            If Putin would have been involved in the killing of Litvinenko,
            Litvinenko would have died instantly and the assassination would not have been excuted so amateurish.
            He would have gotten a 100* overdose that would have killed him right away
            and he for sure would have avoided using such an exotic an inefficient way.
            NEVER EVER.
            Even guys like us would have done this job 10* better.
            So why has it failed so miserably when even the dumb Clintons could achieve such an impressive bodycount?
            It has not failed for those who done it.

            Now to make this better understandable to you i ll use some common sense.
            Every single one of the (self declared) magnificent 7 oligarchs that robbed and controlled Russia in the 90ies were and still are a 100* bigger threat to Putin than this irrelevant flypoo of Litvinenko ever was.
            They were so powerful that people observed on several occasions how Jelzin in Person opened the doors for them when they visited the Kremlin.
            And not a single one of them has been killed by Putin.
            Not even Khodorkovsky who had been in prison for years and could have been taken out easily.
            Instead Putin pardoned him after Khodorkovskies mother became very ill.

            And you really think this guy gave a shit about Litvinenko?

            I can show you dozens of people Putin killed on purpose – while noone was interested in?
            Crazy conspiracy theory incoming.
            Remember the theater where tchetchen terrorists took hundreds of Russian children as hostages?
            The Russians used a gas to tranquilize them.
            And while most children survived the gas attack killed all tchetchens iirc.
            This is not only a statistical impossibility ,but also a biochemical one.
            Children have a faster metabolism
            than grown ups.
            Like the canary in the cole mine they should have died way before the terrorists.
            But it happened the other way around = the terrorists were left to die (right decision imo)

            The question here is Cui Bono
            from a Litvinenko dying a slow way while blaming Putin for weaks while dying.
            No president in the world would risk such failure.
            But people with an agenda who would benefit from it.
            And it was a full success.

            There are Nazi groups in Russia and
            those are for a Russian ethnostate which would make Russia lose most of its territory = weaken Russia massivly.
            After the Russians,a group of almost 200 European and Asian ethnicites where Nazis would have a massive negative impact on national unity,
            did some research about who is sponsoring these idiots it turned out the money was coming from Canada and Israel.

            2 days ago i linked a video(The new atlas channel) about your country building and sponsoring Nazis in Belarus
            in which your leader of the NED openly admits that they are funding nationalism
            in Belarus to bring peace&democracy = total destruction,
            as they did with Ukraine.
            You didn’t bother to comment on the vid.

          • Stuart Hamish says:

            Can anyone make sense of Arn’s rambling Gish Gallop ?

        • Advocatus Diaboli says:

          Enlightening information, Stuart — thank you.

          Unfortunately, I can’t reach the website. Hopefully it’s just site maintenance.

          In the meantime, from the Russian Ministry of Defense here’s something to chew on for conservatives/libertarians who might be tempted to rationalize Putin’s actions. Note the flag the Russian tanks are flying:

          • Stuart Hamish says:

            I can access certain articles on the site but presently not the one linked above reporting on the more embarrassing fact that pro Russian neo Nazis and Communist militias are fighting side by side in Ukraine [ Now alongside Islamist Chechen battalions .] .. Yes it must be site maintenance .

            Here is an article published in The Moscow Times updated seven days ago : ” Russian Neo Nazis Participate in ‘Denazifying’ Ukraine – Der Spiegel ‘

            Vladmir Putin would never have dared invade Ukraine were Donald Trump still the President of the United States . The last 20 years of ruinous European Green energy policies – especially fracking prohibitions – have allowed Russia to virtually corner and control the gas supply lines to Europe ..Now Putin can add disruption of
            pipelined gas and destabilization of grain prices to nuclear deterrent in his armory of blackmail …

          • Stuart Hamish says:

            Meanwhile , MI6 under Richard Moore [ when he is not making an absolute fool of himself primping and preening on ‘trans-awareness’ and LGBTI contributions to Britain’s secret service on his Twitter account ] have prioritized ‘climate espionage’ to combat a non existent ‘climate emergency’ while the Kremlin has taken advantage of Russia’s monopoly on Europe’s gas supplies to invade Ukraine and blackmail eastern Europe .

            And just think : this entire confected catastrophic global warming alarmism mess – all those wasted trillions and needless deaths – was politically nudged under Margaret Thatcher and her advisors in the nominally British ‘conservative ‘ party 3 decades ago to highlight her scientifically literate credentials on the world stage , promote nuclear power generation and sideline the United Kingdoms mining unions – whose leaders such as Arthur Scargill , ironically, were proxies of the Kremlin .

            .The phenomenon of global warming ‘supra-national socialism ‘ a guilt ridden gaslighting Thatcher warned of this century , was the Frankenstein monster of Thatcher , her cronies and advisors……Al Gore was just an opportunistic latecomer ” The History of the Global Warming Scare ”

  2. GWS says:

    Just say denazification has taken place and expect Putin to believe you. And Putin is calling for a ceasefire. And this clown is Britain’s leader.

  3. GWS says:

    What Happens AFTER the Loss of the Donbas — Boris?

    • arn says:

      Nothing will change.They will keep on sending further cannon fodder for Russian grenades as

      “For America the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia = Russia ”

      Zbigiev Brzezinski
      (advisor of 2 US presidents and besides Kissinger the most influental string puller who is neither billionaire,nor top aristocrat or top politician )

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