Free Speech Is The New Hate

“a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

– John F. Kennedy

I was banned from Twitter for posting a Pfizer document. Censorship proponents say critically important factual information is “disinformation, hate and harassment.

Elon Musk suggests investigating calls for boycott — RT World News

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16 Responses to Free Speech Is The New Hate

  1. arn says:

    All corporations act the same.
    All politicians act the same.
    And even all NGO’s act the same way.

    In terms of NGO’s it’s even more interesting as they are usually used to turn “unfriendly ” countries with revolutions(and help of the CiA) into Wall Street colonies and shift their ressources towards those billionairs-
    who own those NGO’s.

  2. roaddog says:

    This article from Harvard definitely qualifies as abuse of free speech. I find it hilarious that this came from what was once considered an institution of higher learning.

    • arn says:

      With that kind of logic and parameters I can make the Nazis look ” overwhelmingly peaceful “- as they are already presented that way with success in the Ukraine.
      Maybe he should use the same logic when analysing the KKK of the past 70 years – he will find even more overwhelmingly peaceful results.
      And even in European football where clashes and violence among hooligans
      is usual,
      99% of fans are 99% of the time peaceful.

      But that’s the typical Harvard Libshit behaviour.
      Some years ago black Harvard prodigy Roland Fryer did some research on racially motivated police shootings in terms of unarmed victims.
      After getting the results he didn’t like ,he did what any Harvard shitlib would do.
      He replace his research team with another one.
      – yet again the results were the same.
      They showed a bias ,but in the opposite direction = it is more likely for a white unarmed person to be shot by cops than by a black one.
      Finally Mr Fryer grew a pair and released the study – and in return Mr Fryer was under investigation for wrongthi… creating a HOSTILE work.

    • GreyGeek says:

      It’s obvious that those outstanding Harvard students don’t know how to search the Internet.
      “Over three nights, a five-mile stretch of Minneapolis sustained extraordinary damage. The police precinct house itself was set on fire, after the mayor gave orders to evacuate the building. A month later, the city is still struggling to understand what happened and why: Not since the 1992 unrest in Los Angeles has an American city suffered such destructive riots.”
      Any questions about their targets?
      “…a handful of people in masks and all-black outfits threw rocks through windows and lit a small fire inside, marking the 83rd night of protests in Portland that have led to millions of dollars in damage to city property…”
      Murder is part of their ethics and morals.
      “Black Lives Matter protesters chanted ‘burn it down’ and lit fires in the street near a police precinct in Portland as they took to the streets on the 101st night of demonstrations in the city.

      Danielson, a supporter of a right-wing group called Patriot Prayer, was shot and killed August 29 after a pro-Trump caravan cruised through downtown Portland. ”
      The core or two major cities, run by Democrats who stifled their PD’s, was burned to the ground. The AntiFa and BLM organized riots were an excuse for them to steal anything and everything from merchants, prompting many to leave those locations for good. The flash mod thievery has continued and is even escalating.

      Of course, the Democrat leaders of these ghettos of poverty and crime are “bewildered” by these events but are sure, somehow, that Trump voters are the cause.

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Joe Biden called conservatives (MAGA voters) the worst kind of terrorist yesterday. Willing to give him a pass because of his deplorable mental state, Jen Psaki doubled down, then tripled down when asked about the statement. Now you know why the Jan 6th protesters were held (and still are) without legal due process. Expect Trump voter types to be arrested and held for wrong think. Terrorist do not get legal due process.
    By the way, this 23 year old vaxxed reporter died the same way my vaxxed neighbor died

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      In Canada, if you are scheduled to fly, your Covid shots must be up to date.
      Just saying

    • GreyGeek says:

      On March 27th, around 4AM, I was awakened by the flashing red and blue lights shining through the blinds of my bedroom window. An ambulance, fire truck, and five police cars, including the division commander’s car, were parked outside, in front of my neighbor’s apartment. I didn’t see anyone taken from his apartment, which must have happened before I looked out my window. All the vehicles left, without lights or sirens.
      I msg’d him “You Ok?”. No response. Thursday his daughter and son-in-law drove into his driveway. Talking with her I learned that he had died of a massive heart attack. The ER tried for 70 minutes to resuscitate him. Each time they established a sinus rhythm his heart would fail again. While on a heart lung machine they determined that he had no brain activity.

      He was a a 78 year old retired banker, who had just taken another Pfizer booster shot. I taught anatomy & physiology in college for 10 years before I resigned to continue my consulting business. I had related to him the many problems with both the process by which the mRNA was tested, the infamous “Operation Warp Speed”, which was contrary to what the protocol the FDA and CDC had standardized as valid vaccine development, which usually takes a minimum of 5 or more years of testing AFTER the vaccine is developed, and the dishonest data collection and reporting used to “verify” its “efficacy”. The data I used came from CDC, FDA and NIH websites and I showed it to him, but I doubt that he understood it. He told me that he hadn’t taken the shots. But, fear is a powerful motivator, and even with data to the contrary, he was scared into taking another booster shot and what he feared the most, death, happened to him.

      “Fully vaccinated” originally meant one shot. When “breakthrough” cases occurred in large numbers few people questioned the efficacy of the mRNA shot and the CDC & FDA declared that “Fully vaccinated” is taking a shot and a booster, raising the bar that people had to hurdle. More breakthrough cases and they changed the meaning to taking a shot and TWO boosters. More recently they discussed changing “Fully vaccinated” to mean three shots plus a booster shot. No one seemed interested in why the vaccine needs four shots to be only 13% effective. And the CDC, FDA & MNM are fighting against the data and proof that the mRNA vaccine causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, i.e., people who were previous immune to a variety of illnesses found themselves susceptible after getting the shots. Cancers that had been put into remission or defeated re-appeared. People fully boostered against pneumonia were catching it. Various diseases long dormant are coming back. Folks who had HIV under control are now fighting it again. And the CDC & FDA & MNM, bolstered by instant RCT papers with “huge” cohorts and arms, that miraculously target against the exact evidence, are citing those purchased “papers”.

      Then Ukraine happened when one dictator invaded the country of another dictator, whom Nina Jankowicz used to work for, and the MNM focused on it, allowing the covid pandemic to evaporate from their pages. Poof, it was gone. I believe that future research will show, if freedom of inquiry is still allowed, that the pandemic as a big shell game that shuffled the covid pea between cups of influenza, pneumonia, old age and co-morbidities in order to hid the actual numbers of those who died of covid only. The actual number of covid only deaths could have been published, and may have accidentally been published (6%), but CDC decided to obfuscate that number to make it impossible to determine with the numbers they did publish. One fact that they did publish is that since Jan 1, 2020 the total number of those under 18 who died “with covid” (not OF covid) was under 1,000 for the entire nation. After that data was spread around the globe the CDC shuffled the groupings and allowed sorts to block access to that data. They later admitted that they hid data for political purposes.

      Covid, or a variant to be released at a later date, how else could Gates know what is coming, suggests that it is time to stock up on Ivermectin if you are over 65.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        My neighbor just got her 4th shot. I asked her why, no one is getting sick anymore, and the few who do, most get over it in days. She says she works with kids who are sick all of the time. Her husband has Parkinson’s, and I’m sure if he got a severe case, he would die. BUT he has already been exposed more than once, from people who got sick and were “fully” vaccinated.
        Unfortunately, people can’t measure the real risk because the fascists don’t allow them to see both sides.

      • Lynne Balzer says:

        You’re right. And it has been said that no one has been vaccinated against COVID-19, since the experimental injection is not a real vaccine.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    It’s Musk vs. Soros!

    The list of opposing organizations at the bottom of the World News article says it all. They are the biggest hate spewers around, but they all use twisted Orwellian logic to make it seem that they are the righteous ones.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      György Schwartz aka George Soros is a self admitted NAZI collaborator. He helped the NAZI’s in Hungary find Jews and He got a small ‘payment’ for his help. This is how a Jew saved himself and went to England as a wealthy young man.
      Why the American govt has not turned him over to Putin, Hungary and a few other country’s fascinates me.
      Watch this in his own words on 60 Minutes…

  5. M says:

    Been a long time reader, but never posted a comment before. That one deserved it. Even if not translated you can see the “Berlin 1941 style” seal for the vaccinated.

  6. GWS says:

    Saying that free speech is a “direct threat to public safety” is true, but more specifically, it’s to the safety of the left. The left does not want the truth to come out and they are fighting against it every way they can. Lying, distorting history, and twisting definitions every way imaginable to hide their hate against the right. Public safety, my ass!

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It’s clear where we are. Read RFK Jr.s book, “The Real Fauci.” It goes way beyond Fauci. It goes through Gates, through government agencies working with Gates and other industrialists to herd us into a global fascist state. Soon as Trump was gone, they went full throttle into their plan. Trump was not blameless, but he was the 300 at Thermopile or the chain across the Bosporus. Once he was gone, the hordes swarmed in.
    We must win both houses BIG and then push our hand. We need paper ballots, hand counts and certification of the votes and voters. If we can’t have that, we have to observe EVERY polling place and monitor EVERY voting machine real time.

  8. Lynne Balzer says:

    The people in general have better judgment than our dimwitted policy makers, many of whom have never held a real job. Thank God that nature has not cooperated with their evil scheme.

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