Academics Recommend They Be Given $2.5 Billion

Academics recommend that $2.5 billion be confiscated from honest working taxpayers, and be given to them for yet another boondoggle/scam.

“But to better understand how such strategies might change the ocean—or whether they would even work—funders will need to pour as much as $2.5 billion into research over the next decade, a U.S. panel of leading ocean scientists recommended today.”

Panel calls for $2.5 billion in ocean geoengineering research | Science | AAAS

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6 Responses to Academics Recommend They Be Given $2.5 Billion

  1. Gamecock says:

    They can’t manage a press release, yet they think they can manage the oceans. All 361,000,000 km2 of it.

    Billions of people will die . . . which we should assume is the point. They should be locked up for 50 years for conspiracy to commit mass murder.

  2. William Tripp says:

    I never thought it would cost $2.5 billion to reinvent a wheel. These land sharks are getting too greedy. Saw this on NEWTUBE yesterday:

    Seems someone has already figured it out, and on the cheap, too! And for his sins they canceled him. Guess he cared more about the planet than the $$$ behind the scam. Still, it reduces the CO2 as it helps the oceans and food chain. I’m all for more greening of the planet and for a healthier ocean, but can we have both? Stromatolites started O2 rise for us, guess we need to figure out a simple, and I mean simple, balancing act. And that doesn’t need $2.5 billion dollars. Mike Rowe is correct, more trade schools and less needy, greedy college degrees. (He didn’t quite say that, but that’s the way I interpret it .)

  3. arn says:

    If just the research costs 2.5 billion than there is a trillion dollar(tax payer money) business waiting to be unleashed onto the tax payer.

    And maritime scientists will turn out be climate scientists on steroids
    once we realise that this scheme goes far beyond co2 and effects everything related to economy,
    and AOC will give us only 20 years to save us from oceanic warming/acidification or whatever and we need oceanneutral laws and an oceanic global tax and more power to the UN and Greta will get an Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize for “An inconvenient Ocean ”
    – sorry for the spoilers.
    (and on top of that we have the typical perversion that is pushed on all domains,
    be it the subversion of education,laws,news,science,the corruption and contamination of genetic codes or as in this case ocean geoengineering –
    which is a novum for me to come across such a term in MSM before i heard about it on conspiratorial sites )

  4. The climate scam has been fleecing the public for the past forty years. Why give a sucker an even break?

  5. Joao Martins says:

    ” Academics Recommend They Be Given $2.5 Billion ”

    That is, 2.5 billion very good reasons to defund said “academics”.

  6. David Walker says:


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