Great Lakes Expert Forecasts

During January, the “Great Lakes News Collaborative” predicted record low Great Lakes ice cover.

“The Great Lakes News Collaborative includes Bridge Michigan; Circle of Blue; Great Lakes Now at Detroit Public Television; and Michigan Radio, Michigan’s NPR News Leader; who work together to bring audiences news and information about the impact of climate change

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are both likely to see less ice than ever at peak freeze in 2022. “Michigan and Huron were both projected to be lower than they’ve been as far as the maximum ice cover for the year, about 10 and 12%, respectively, where the lowest on record was about 13 and 23%, respectively.”

Great Lakes researchers predict record-low ice coverage – Great Lakes Now

Great Lakes ice cover was right at the 1980-2010 median.

Eight years ago, experts said the Great Lakes were going to dry up.

The Great Lakes Go Dry: How One-Fifth Of The World’s Fresh Water Is Dwindling Away – ThinkProgress

There has been no trend in Great Lakes water levels over the past century.

Great Lakes Dashboard – HTML5

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2 Responses to Great Lakes Expert Forecasts

  1. Rockwood says:

    Thanks for the link. Looks like Great Lake levels are close to historic high levels subject of course to natures’ oscillations. Lowest levels appear to be the mid 1930’s which Tony often reminds us of those days of wrath when temperatures were at their highest. Seems to fit and as a regular guy, makes sense. Time to hit Lake Huron beaches!!

  2. spren says:

    My friend has a condo on Lake Erie and a boat moored in the adjacent marina. He has been frequenting Lake Erie for 50 years and when I visited him there in June 2019 he said the water level was the highest he’d ever seen.

    Most of the fixed structural walkways in the marina were almost submerged. At least half of the parking lot was under water.

    And from what he tells me, the years since then have been just as bad or worse. Standard and typical clueless fearmongering prediction.

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