May 1922 – 94F In Paris – Alps Glaciers Melting

Hottest May Day in 116 Years.
90 Degrees in Alps~Glaciers Are Melting.

Paris, May 24 (By the Associated Press)—Paris today experienced the hottest May day in 116 years, the thermometer hitting 94 1-10 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade at 3:45 o’clock this afternoon. This city was one of many European capitals to experience a similar heat wave that began sweeping’ western Europe five days ago.

The heat here generated a peculiarly stifling haze, although the sky was blue throughout France, The Weather Bureau predicts continued heat with possibly an even higher temperature tomorrow

90 Degrees in Alps.

Geneva, May 24—The heat we the Alps region has broken a record for the month of May thermometer at a number of points today registering 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow and glaciers are melting rapidly and the Rhine and Rhone Rivers are rising. :

It was reported today that an avalanche, released by the heat, destroyed an Alpine clubhouse on the summit of Mount Ferginkogel, 7,000 feet above sea level.”

24 May 1922, Page 1 – The Brooklyn Daily Eagle at

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Wow, snow and ice melts in summer, y’all gotta quit having babies. Here, I’ve some vaccines to help accomplish that goal…..

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