Understanding Democrats

“their top priorities are: Killing babies
Sexually mutilating the survivors.
Pointless wars
Convincing themselves that paying more for gas and groceries advances global democracy.”

11:34 PM · Jul 1, 2022

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4 Responses to Understanding Democrats

  1. arn says:

    Good list but incomplete.
    ” Killing babies.
    Sexualising the survivors from Kindergarten on.
    Poisoning them with heart disease vaccines.
    Exposing them to gay stripshows.
    Mutilating their bodies.
    Confusing their brains with gender lunacy and pronouns.
    “Curing” their now damaged psyche with heavy drugs.
    And those who survive all those attacks and reach the age of 18 get the priviledge to die in a war 10000 miles away for the military industrial complex.

    Just as Pelosi says : It’s the children.I’m politician because of the children.

    And where else can you ellbow a little child away during a photoshooting?

  2. Jeffrey Brehm says:

    Don’t forget “withholding infant formula” and “picking off unwary teens with illegally imported Fentanyl”

    And if you are a child in Colorado and other places, they’ll push dope on you.


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