Climate Under Pressure

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  1. rah says:

    Very happy to see that you are out and about doing and enjoying what you Love.

    My Chimney Sweep and his son were over yesterday. I wanted the chimney swept before installation of the new fireplace insert I bought and to talk to him about installation of the same.

    He was a big man but not now after being diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer and going through the surgery and chemo. He is now under 200 lb. for the first time since he was in High School. But he was as cheerful and talkative as ever. Attitude is the key to continuing to enjoy the gift of life in the face of adversity.

  2. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Meanwhile for my area, and much of the middle and eastern part of the US, looks like an unusually cool and wet remainder of august coming up. That includes Texas and even the drought areas of the Rio Grande will see significant rains next week.
    The much wetter than average monsoons in the desert southwest has the climate change fanatics scratching their heads. What drought?

    • rah says:

      We’re enjoying it here at my Central Indiana home. Finally got to mow after rains and thunderstorms. As far as I’m concerned ideal weather is a high of 75 during the day with a little breeze and a low of 55 at night.

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