Hiding The Decline In Burn Acreage

Forest fire burn acreage in the US has plummeted over the last 200 years. History destroys the Biden Administration climate narrative, so they did what they always do – they made the past disappear.

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4 Responses to Hiding The Decline In Burn Acreage

  1. Sanford Jacobson says:

    I have followed your posts for several years and find them credible but wonder why you haven’t appeared 0n some cable TV networks that recently have made some observations similar to yours although not supported with the precision that you provide.

  2. Tony – I would be interested in your response to the link below stating that the Forest Service lied about burn acreage. Not a challenge – I want to get to the truth – thank you.

  3. Peteo says:

    Excellent research as always Tony, well done!

  4. Windsong says:

    I have mentioned the basic information in a comment previously, but this article from last year sums it up very well. Large homeless encampment fires that consume park and freeway landscaping are reported to Washington State’s wildfire statistic collection as “forest fires.” Take all acreage totals from Washington’s L&C (Local and County) numbers reported to the NIFC with a grain of salt.

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