New Climate Tools

A short tutorial discussing new climate analysis tools at

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Releasing this data means the climate agenda is dead😁

  2. Alejandro Echavarria says:

    Great tool! Thanks

    Is it possible to get the angle of the regression line?

  3. Horacio Ibarra says:

    Hi Tony.
    It is not only the media spreading false news about climate. Corporations have mandatory training in climate change, in addition to those related with woke culture (CRT, Toxic Masculinity, Gender, Equity, etc.).
    In the case of climate change, they require employees to take on-line training that they have to pass by clicking the “right” answers. So, employees are forced to accept and adhere to whatever the “training” establishes as the truth or “facts”.
    Unfortunately, the system does not let me share images, but one of the trainings is called “Future Ready”, and the employees are given several “facts” such as the following:
    – By 2050, temperature in the MENA region will be 4°C higher.
    – The overall temperature in the region is expected to reduce by at least 20%. It will increase variability (draughts and floods) ………
    They also have to select “facts” provided by the training, such as “Increase of up to 200% of annual maximum 1 day rainfall by 2050 and associate them with regions of the world.
    After they have selected all the “correct” answers, the system issues a Diploma with congratulations for having been trained in “Future Readiness”. These are international engineering consulting firms that profit from multi-billion-dollar contracts for “climate resilience and reconstruction” projects overseas.

    • GWS says:

      Create a problem, which doesn’t even have to exist, then provide a solution to it. The left calls this capitalism.– Oh no, no, no, we didn’t create it, we found it. You’re just denying it. You make the problem exist. Fundamentally, you are the problem.

  4. Peteo says:

    Your data visualization tools just get better and better Tony, many many thanks for making this so easy and broadly available for us!

  5. Ray Melissa says:

    Hi Tony,

    Installed the Climate Tools. All went well but no data appears and the screen. Every thing else is there (country, state, weather station, Tmax, month, day). I am using Window 10. Any help will be appreciated.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m thinking about trying to use this tool to set up a local weather data page, where I can publish information to combat the climate change propaganda. I will see how it goes, and let you know what bells and whistles might help.
    Example: Today, at the local area public forum, someone stated that yesterday we blew away the previous high for Livermore, Ca, I guess. It was the hottest I’ve seen, but I know climate is more than one day. Another guy posted that we had surpassed the previous by one degree, 116F surpassing 115 of 72 years earlier. I wanted to post “I.e. statistically not different than 72 years ago despite increases in CO2, but they had closed the thread, so I couldn’t.

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    So I have tried the tool, and I am getting used to it. As you know, we have had a severe hot spell here near Livermore, CA (I’m 2 miles from there). I wanted to see when we had similar weather, and it was in late August and early Sept 1950. The peak reached then was 115F and now 116F. So of course we get the bombastic “blew out the previous record”. Just eyeballing the 50s data, I think that one could make the argument that the two sets could be said to show no difference with a high level of statistical confidence. The problem is that your data lags by about a month (at least for Livermore) and I didn’t keep a record of daily max’s for the current heat wave. I’m sure it is easy to find, though. I could argue that the 1 degree difference reflects the urban heat island effect, as Livermore has grown substantially since 1950. But I don’t know where that temperature device is, so I don’t know about the urban impact either.
    Anyway, I’m going on vacation starting tomorrow and will get back to this in two weeks. By then the data will probably be available with your tool.
    I could not load the data on my desk top computer, but it loads fine on a laptop. I assume that my desk top security settings are the issue, but they are maddening to unravel, so I’ll just use the laptop.
    I was also wondering if the Unhiding the decline program is still there. I never could download it on my desktop so I thought I would try with the laptop. So far, no luck. I’ll dig into it some more when I return home in two weeks.

  8. conrad ziefle says:

    Tony, Is it possible to locate links to all of your tools in a section in the sidebar?

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