The End Of Snow

3:35 PM · Aug 3, 2022

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

California had their snowiest December on record last year.

9:58 AM · Dec 27, 2021

We had our snowiest day on record in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March 14, 2021.

Boulder, Colorado has had fifty-eight snowfalls over 12 inches since 1894. Thirteen of those snows occurred after the year 2005.

I took this picture on my front porch on November 26, 2019.

This was a few days earlier before the big snow came.

I took these pictures on the first day of summer 2019 west of Boulder.

Wolf Creek Ski Area in Southwest Colorado is at the headwaters of the Rio Grande.  They have had above normal snowfall for three of the last four years.

Wolf Creek Ski Area Snow History | OnTheSnow

Colorado had spectacular amounts of snow on the ground in March 2020, but the governor shut the ski areas down over fears about a virus.

Squaw Valley, California had their third snowiest ski season in 2019 and were skiing into July.

Third snowiest season in Squaw Valley history ends this weekend |

It’s Official: Squaw Valley Received the Most Snowfall in the United States this Winter – Active NorCal

The three snowiest ski seasons at Squaw Valley occurred in 2011, 2017 and 2019.

2010-2014     2015-2019

Arizona had their snowiest day on record in 2019.

State of Emergency in Flagstaff after snowiest day on record |

The 2019 ski season was a record breaker across the west.

A look back at Colorado’s record-breaking ski season | Colorado Springs News |

Record snowfall lures 59m skiers to US resorts in bumper season

California’s prolific winter has ski resorts poised to remain open into summer Still less than halfway through the season, some California ski resorts already surpassed their average seasonal snowfall. | AccuWeather

Arizona had their longest ski season on record.

It’s gonna be May. – Arizona Snowbowl

The winter of 2016-2017 was the wettest on on record in California.

NWS: Northern California now on pace for ‘wettest water year on record’ – SFGate

In 1960, the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics almost had to be cancelled because of a lack of snow.

09 Feb 1960, Page 1 – The Berkshire Eagle at

Droughts in California used to be much longer and much more severe.

Severe Ancient Droughts: A Warning to California – The New York Times

Duration and severity of Medieval drought in the Lake Tahoe Basin – ScienceDirect


Graphic: California’s droughts in the past 1,200 years – The Mercury News

Ancient Trees Reflect Century-Long Droughts : Environment: Analysis of stumps’ rings shows that dry spells can last far longer than the state has estimated, expert says. – latimes

16 Jun 1994, 3 – The Fresno Bee at

Bloomberg says most of the west gets little rain in summer, but the wettest months in the southwest are July and August.

3:35 PM · Aug 3, 2022

Even California is getting rain this summer, which is unusual.

Accumulated Precipitation (GFS 10-day Forecast)

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4 Responses to The End Of Snow

  1. Eli the PitBulldog says:

    Nowhere in this Vox article state one of the most obvious reasons poor people can’t pay their utility bills is the 40% increase on average in people’s gas and electric rates because of poor decisions by government and the insistence to cap of GHG.

  2. rah says:

    Too many people living and using arid and semiarid land is certainly part of the problem. The other part is of course blatant lies as you show.

  3. rah says:

    BTW here at my place in Indiana my 80′ deep well averages 60′ of head or more so I don’t anticipate any problems in my life time.

  4. Clay Marley says:

    Regarding the snow extent charts from Rutgers University:
    Is there some explanation for why the Fall and Winter charts show an overall increase, but the Spring data (which you do not show), shows a significant decrease?

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