Saving The Climate With Green Technology

Experts say we have the worst climate in 1200 years, and governments are going to save the environment with environmentally friendly technologies. Filmed this morning west of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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3 Responses to Saving The Climate With Green Technology

  1. rah says:

    Glad it appears that the pups knew better than to go after those turkeys. If they had and a bird stood its ground they might have learned the hard way that isn’t a good idea.

  2. As with everything else, the alarmists have everything backwards. More CO2 leads to greening of the deserts, so the ‘crisis’ is the prospect of a more habitable world. Yes, their un-validated models, based on junk theory predict temperature rises, but even they are no higher than has actually been experienced in the past (in periods of great prosperity), but in any case the predictions have been less reliable than crystal ball gazing or astrology. Perhaps we should be talking about ‘climate improvement’? What we have is a massive sunken investment fallacy. So much money and resources have been squandered on this insanity, that few are prepared to admit they got it wrong, and carry on sacrificing their economies and people to the juggernaut, in order to save their own skin.

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    If that is supposed to be the worst climate in 1200 years, what were the Dark Ages Cooling, and the Little Ice Age like?

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