Wind Producing 4% Of UK Electricity

Wind power production as a percentage

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9 Responses to Wind Producing 4% Of UK Electricity

  1. Gamecock says:

    Solution obvious: MORE WINDMILLS!

  2. Mike says:

    3% …what a joke.

  3. A question which I have never seen addressed is how does extracting industrial scale amounts of energy from wind affect the climate? Most ‘green’ policies are based on a free lunch assumption, which ignores operating costs and de-commissioning costs, among other effects (such as excusing the massacre of rare raptor species and bats). The public are sold a picturesque, bucolic vision of a landscape dotted around with windmills, like the traditional view of Holland, but are sold monstrous behemoths with not even any attempt at investigating potential unforeseen consequences or even meaningful cost-benefit analysis.

    • Gamecock says:

      Not to worry. It’s a problem of scale. Man is tiny compared to the size of the earth. Our extractions of energy from the winds is minute.

      The corollary is our emissions of CO2 affecting global mean temperature. It’s silly. Followed by the notion that minor changes to global mean temperature affect weather. It’s silly. Then the idea that these alleged changes to weather are changes in “climate.”

      “Climate science” is the deification of Man.

    • dm says:

      Studies suggest wind turbine plantations WARM ground temperature of the plantation and surrounding area. See: Pls NOTE: NASA is the source; so, the evidence MUST overwhelm sustainable energy propaganda.

  4. Ulric Lyons says:

    Yesterday evening while the wind speed was low, the UK was exporting 15% of generated electricity to France and Holland, by burning more gas and even some coal too.

  5. Ace McLoud says:

    It’s 21% right now, as high as 50% this month.

  6. JamesS says:

    I have been watching the national grid production figures at ” national grid status live” at a casual glance the figures for wind/renewables look like they should be on a very slight downward trend but the year on year average is rising ??? The figure is now 22.4 having risen from 22.1%. Not sure how that works.

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