Safe And Effective

The Scottish Government is going to spend six months investigating the increase in baby deaths beginning September 2021, nine months after the the safe and effective vaccine was released.

Neonatal deaths review announced –

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    “Death protocols”
    My daughter is a pediatrician and working in the hospital (at the time) and witnessed this first hand. “They killed him” she said in a text to me out of the blue, referring to a 16 year old that died. It wasn’t Covid that killed him, is was a combination of things including 2 Covid jabs which caused blood clots, the lethal and expensive anti inflammatory mentioned in the story, and the ventilator they put him on.
    Too bad the kid wasn’t her patient. She never would have adhered to the protocol, even risking her job in the process. She’s no longer there, not bowing to the the forced Covid shots required to keep employment

  2. nfw says:

    One of the rules of government is you never have an “inquiry” unless you know the answer you want. The “inquiry” will find many co-incidences but nothing obvious and directly connectable and the gummint will be able to turn around and say “See, we had an inquiry by experts and they found no correlation of deaths to experimental death drug injections. No problem.”

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