Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

“It’s no longer a pandemic of the unvaccinated

For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.”

Covid is no longer mainly a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Here’s why. – The Washington Post

A few days ago the White House said the exact opposite.

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11 Responses to Pandemic Of The Vaccinated

  1. GWS says:

    Pathetic — “If you can’ trust your government, who can you trust?” — Some used to say.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    Well, the first time when more vaccinated were dying was when they were 50.00000+% of the deaths. The first survey where they discovered this was when they found that 58% of the deaths were vaccinated. I’m wondering just what % have died or will die from the blood-white fibrous material clots, and when, after being vaccinated you are out of the woods, mostly? I’m hoping that, at worst, one year later, you are out of the woods.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    George there are FIVE lights…

  4. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Excess deaths are about 17% in Australia. The UK is about the same. Sweden stands out against the crowd. Furthermore, there is evidence that the length of all common illnesses has increased post Covid.

  5. Peter Carroll says:

    God gave you two arms, one shot in each arm. I suppose that’s why he also gave us two butt cheeks, one for the second “booster” and one for the third?

    The spokesperson claims every Covid death can be prevented? He’s obviously not looked at the statistics from around the US and around the world.
    The majority of Covid deaths are in the elderly, who also have one or more, serious, life threatening or, terminal, comorbididties.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Good post. Besides those two arms and butt cheeks, God also gave us a brain with which to think critically and to discern when something just is not right – and a nose with which to smell when something stinks, in order to avoid it for safety’s sake.

  6. John B says:

    I am not sure if you will allow a link to be posted but please check it out.
    nRMA Moderna / Pfizer vaccine, material now found in Breast Milk!

    The link has details, from a science base medical inquiry.. FACT NOT FICTION!

  7. K Petersen says:

    Even the data in this article is not well researched nor well represented. it states 23% of covid deaths in September 2021 were from covid. this was just 6 months after vaccines began to be administered. As vaccine adoption increased, so too did the percentage of deaths among vaccinated. Ultimately this just shows a low degree of efficacy. Not only did the so called vaccine fail to reduce positive cases and transmission, it also reduced the death rate by only a small margin. And in fact we will never know the true efficacy rate since early deaths were among unvaccinated sick and elderly catching the most deadly strain. By September 2021 the herd had been thinned, most of the population already had natural immunity, and people were catching the less lethal Omicron strain. Data analysis is a funny thing.

  8. MGJ says:

    The non-thinkers – as represented by the WaPo article – are very slowly catching up. Their state of (acknowledged) knowledge is now only 18 months or so behind the thinkers.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    Not just the Biden administration. Canada wants you to get another injection also. And if you are hesitant, you are mentally ill. Anti-vaccine thoughts are “Bizarre Delusion.”

    November 26, 2022
    College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario: “Anti-Vaccine” Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring “Treatment”

    The podcaster says, “building blocks are being put into place so that political dissidents can be drugged or locked up much like the Soviets did with Sluggish Schizophrenia.”

    She also goes into Canada’s new euthanasia laws. She said that in March ’23, the mentally ill will qualify for physician-assisted suicide. Woah! She plays a video whereby in Canada physician assisted suicide is ongoing. She says they use euthanasia ‘salespeople’ going to patient rooms promoting the idea. (In the video, only the patient is seen, and he says to the sales person, “I am fighting for my life.”)

    She also played a video with Doug Ford stating to a reporter in a press conference that not one political leader will question their chief medical officer or public health directives on the injections. Because, if they do, they could “slap a Section 22 down… and you are done.” So apparently in Canada, all political leaders will go along with any medical dictate the Cabal will/would force upon the people. SMH

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