“Exxon Knew”

Climate alarmists believe oil companies have been engaged in a 45 year long conspiracy to destroy the climate – in exchange for money. Climate alarmists also like to accuse others of being “conspiracy theorists”

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5 Responses to “Exxon Knew”

  1. arn says:

    When warming alarmist Steven Schneider was asked about his global cooling alarmism past of the 70ies he answered that climate science was still in its infancy(a century long one:) during this time.(after 100years++ :)

    I wonder how Exxon,with a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of climate budget and scientists world wide and with people who were not even really interestedin climate research (otherwise they wouldnt have joined an oil company )
    were so extremely ahead of time to able to outsmart the whole global climate community which was still in its infancy.

    The only crazier thing is the claim that a corporation conspired(which happens from time to time in terms of price fixing ) to conceal a warming scenario in a world of global cooling.
    There is nothing warming-related to conceal and no need for conspiracy in a world that is heading towards an ice age.
    Any warming related news would have been welcomed with great euphoria and Exxon could have presented themselves as the company that is saving us from the ice age – the positive PR for Exxon would have been overwhelming.

    Another interesting point about the current state and regress of climate science is Gretas ancestor(guy with the complicated name).
    Despite his crazy and typically 100% wrong climate predictions,
    he was at least able to paint a way more balanced and logical warming scenario
    than all of his modern successors combined,
    as he was also willing to talk about the benefits of global warming resulting in huge farmlands in Russia,Greenland etc.
    Nowadays there is only a downside to warming but no positive impacts at all.

  2. Michael A says:

    I have a suggestion for a name for you unnamed puppy.

    It’s SCAM-P to be pronounced SCAMPY.

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    Well, they must have known something, because every engineer had the Hottel et al charts in their heat transfer text books. Hottel, not a scientist, but a chemical engineer, did the first studies to quantify how much heat is absorbed by gases at various concentrations. CO2’s ε was much less than H2O, which is more dominate in the atmosphere, so maybe CO2 was correctly assumed to be less significant. Possibly they also understood the bigger picture, the one where the people of the world would no longer be starving, cold, and living in damp, unhealthy huts.

  4. czechlist says:

    Part of my job in quality control at a major defense company was risk assessment, actuarial analysis. I estimated the reliability of the instrumentation and machinery used to produce and inspect the company’s products and statistically derived producer risk vs consumer risk and recommended maintenance and calibration intervals. I was always aware that my analysis could be examined in any lawsuit should our product fail and result in injury or death. During my tenure our products functioned as intended.
    I am upset when I see a lawsuit where lawyers introduce actuarial analysis as condemning evidence. Risk analysis is essential in deciding a company’s liability when selling a product. No product is 100% safe and no one would market anything if that were the expectation. Analysis of possible effects of CO2 emission is no exception and EXXON would obviously be remiss if they did not consider it.
    Besides – is EXXON responsible for how their product is used? The defense company I worked at made weapons. Is it responsible for how they are used?

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