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After I posted a quote from the National Academy of Sciences, “climate scientist” David Ho blocked me.

10:34 AM · Dec 3, 2022

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  1. Rud Istvan says:

    Facts, not opinions, for Dr. Ho to consider:
    Sea level rise did not accelerate as predicted.
    Arctic summer sea ice did not disappear as predicted.
    Glacier National Park glaciers did not disappear as predicted.
    Climate models predict a tropical troposphere hotspot that does not exist.
    Natural variability exists, as recognized by AR4 WG1 SPM figure 4. But climate models do not recognize it—the attribution problem Ho ignores.

  2. GWS says:

    I’m told that there is no requirement of an open mind to be a climate scientist.

    • arn says:

      An open mind would nowadays destroy a carreer of any scientist
      as soon as they dare to question the religion of the big narratives.

      Even if they have the “right” skin color and their open mind has nothing to do with climate and even if they have all data and facts on their side- just as it happened to Roland Fryer.

      And this is going on for a very long time:Ask Tony why he had to use the alias Steven Goddard for many years.

      You need to be a good storyteller,a good script reader or good at reading TelePrompTers .
      You can even be totally shitty storyteller,script reader,mentally ill and totally incompetent etc,as Joe Biden is,
      you will keep your job,
      but dare to question the big narrative and the gods of global co2mmunism will excommunicate you.

    • spike55 says:

      Ask this climate Ho, what we actually “deny”…. that he can provide actual real scientific proof for.

      Otherwise , its akin to saying we “deny” the Eastern Bunny or Goldilocks.

    • Louis J Hooffstetter says:

      To be a scientist, one MUST follow the scientific method, period. And because very few ‘Climate Scientists’ actually follow the scientific method, the majority of those who claim to be ‘Climate Scientists’, are not. They’re media-whore frauds pretending to be scientists. And it doesn’t matter how many advanced degrees they have, or what organizations they belong to, if they don’t follow the scientific method, by definition, they are NOT scientists, PERIOD! They’re simply over-educated, blowhards in love with themselves and the sounds of their own voices. And we must never, ever forget that.

  3. arn says:

    Dr Ho sounds like a mad scientist from a Bond movie.

    Anyways ,nice to see that he has the supremacy and perogative of interpretation to decide for all of us what an opinion,a fact and what a lie is,
    Considering that he belongs to the group that promoted apocalyptic global cooling for a decade before they switched to the exact opposite ,which is unscientific to the core,calling other people liars is absolutely shameless,
    especially when these people have just moderate views on climate contrary to experts who switch back and forth between extremes.
    And considering that Ho belongs to the group that made dozens of 100% failed predictions,which is among experts only possible when they are lying on purpose
    and calling it facts
    shows what a low life human being Dr Ho is
    – one that for some crazy reason lives on an island while it pretends to believe in sea level rise(Obama Syndrome?) .
    And i would not be surprised if it is a being with a front beach property and/or workplace which officially drowned years ago according to – facts.

    Someone who pretends that he does not know that lies are opinions too,
    so he can use words ad hominems.
    AGW opinions on rising sea levels,polar bears,arctic sea ice,snow coverage etc are all lies,but nonetheless opinions which psychopaths call facts.

    Someone who has so little scientific integrity that his response to a scientific quote
    of eternal natural climate change is a pathethic claim,
    that billions of years of natural climate change somehow recently ended and are now a man made thing.

  4. Robert Austin says:

    Typical warmist “Ho”. Debates facts with disparagement and appeal to authority.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    First, you have to feel sorry for anyone who pursued something as slothlike as climate science. You just wonder how an intelligent person could be hoodwinked into a field that literally moves at the speed of glaciers. In reality, your theories cannot be proven within your lifetime. Given such, one might understand how frustrated they might be, waiting for a glacier to melt a percent or two faster or slower, while all the other engineers and scientists are banging out new, fascinating concepts that vault humanity forward into better and more interesting lives.
    One could understand why climatologists would scream that the sky is falling in order to get a modicum of attention.

    • Robert Austin says:

      Based on what Richard Lindzen said, so called climate science was and is a comfortable refuge for mediocre scientists, scientists that were and are incapable of thriving in the hard sciences. They are looking for a sinecure where they get well paid with little risk of being outed as incompetent while being lauded as academic heroes being persecuted by vicious “deniers”. The ultimate “self-licking ice cream cone”.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    Ho is part of the same climate protection industry Gerald Kutney openly admitted he belongs to. Members of all protection rackets do everything they can to defend the family.

  7. I would have thought the reduction in human CO2 emissions arising from the lock downs having bugger all effect on the rate of increase in atmospheric CO2, would signal to any rational person that AGW is complete hogwash.

  8. spike55 says:

    Ho is calling others liars… that’s hilarious.

    Yet he is the one that has been deceived by lies

    Ask him to produce a paper proving that CO2 causes warming (models are not scientific proof)

    Also, a purely radiative calculation (as many have tried to do) is meaningless in an atmosphere where bulk energy transfer is in control.

  9. dm says:

    Mr. Ho is an actual climate DENIER. He denies natural forces cause climate change, or at least refuses to include natural forces among the causes of climate change.

    He is also an intolerant tyrant.

  10. Ulric Lyons says:

    Ho denies Heller the right to reply to his assertion, the bully is also a coward.

  11. Windsong says:

    One additional problem that Prof. Ho assists with: his students enter the workforce and begin parroting what they learned in college. Or maybe write for the Seattle Times. The article classification for the front page story on December 1 (linked below) about the relocation of a tribal community built on a river estuary: Climate Change. People quoted within the article even throw in tsunamis as an effect of climate change. (A true danger for that community, but the event is relatively unpredictable and suddenly disastrous.) I did an eye roll when I opened my dead tree edition on Thursday; apparently UW Prof. Cliff Mass did as well. Cliff discusses it briefly at the end of a blog post about a local snow event (linked), but adds those pesky things that bother Prof. Ho so much: facts.
    P.S. Tony and Kirye: Congrats on the new additions to the household.

  12. Greg in NZ says:

    David who? Never heard of him. Sounds like a prat, and an angry one at that. Good riddance… on yer bike!

  13. Joe says:

    It’s like the current climate scientists have too much pride to say/admit,
    “We don’t know.”

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