Symptoms Of Global Warming And Global Cooling Are Identical

“People who don’t understand the destabilising effect of global warming on the polar vortex are convinced unusually cold temperatures prove it’s all a #climatescam. “

“In 1975, @ScienceNews used the same diagram to explain global cooling. According to members of the #ClimateScam cult, global warming and global cooling have identical symptoms.”

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22 Responses to Symptoms Of Global Warming And Global Cooling Are Identical

  1. arn says:

    If climate was so unstable as the brain of woke scientists who claim that climate is so fragile that the tiniest shifts in atmospheric % could tear everything apart
    then life would have never developed beyond basic bacteria.

    It is also strange that “scientists” can come up with the most phantastic scenarios(or recycle them from 50 years ago in the hope noone finds out:)
    which require gigantic skills
    while not a single one of them can challenge at least the most stupid global warming theories or at least point out the biggest failures of AGW predictions.

    Everyone of them is an Einstein in bold AGW predictions
    but a Biden in terms of self criticism.

    • GWS says:

      Dims never admit error. They’ve banned it.

      • arn says:

        They can not admit if they want to keep their voters.
        As any admission would raise the tolerance level of the so tolerant left to listen and to debate.And this leads to losing voters.
        An admission would be like a takeover of Twitter by Musk.
        They must keep the crowd as ignorant as possible

        Big Brother never makes errors.

      • Philip says:

        Jon Burke should just say look Ma no brains.

    • Robert B says:

      it’s a worry when they go from half baked hypothesis to The Science that must be taught in schools, when they have skipped the important difference amateur philosophy and science.

  2. According to the heavily adjusted NOAA data, extremely cold winters used to be much more common!

    So which fraudsters are we to believe? NOAA or the Polar Vortex mob?

  3. dm says:

    Brilliant!!!;-) Anyone who fails to understand Tony’s point is WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

    A follow-up article is suggested. Polar vortexes are routine weather events. Where cold air moves south & warm air moves north is influenced by factors OTHER THAN climate.

    • GWS says:

      Everything in the universe moves in cycles and waves and curves. To assume absolutes and straight lines belies an inattention and unwillingness to ‘follow the science.’ Nothing in this world is “unprecedented.’ CO2 has nothing to do with it, if anything, it’s electromagnetic plasma dynamics.

  4. Bob Gutjahr says:

    I remember watching local weathermen talk about the wavy jet stream in the 60s and how shifts allowed cold air to come down from the Arctic to make for unusually cold weather. No one seemed to think it indicated a problem or was something different.

    i also remember when I was at Miami Univesity, a teammate from Buffalo saying they got 48 inches of snow in about 24 hours around Thanksgiving. Then in December, I was running in 12 degree weather wondeting what February was going to be like. Then in late January, we got blasted so hard, the snow plow drivers said when they looked in their rearview mirrors, it looked like they hadn’t been there. A truck driver in northeast Ohio was only rescued because his aerial was spotted sticking above the snow. The snow was piled so high that US27 out of Oxford was like a hallway.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    History is replete with storms followed by warmth followed by drought followed by rain followed by ice followed by mild weather. There is nothing different today than over the last 140 years, and before that you had the Little Ice Age, and before that the Medieval Warm Period and before that something else.
    First you have to get these guys to agree to use the actual temperature data, then you can prove unequivocally through statistics that all their theories are wrong. You can compare a random sampling of data from the last two years to the long term trend of the actual data from the last 140 years, and you would see that the last two years fit nicely in that data set, but when you compare it to Mann’s hockey stick, it does not fit.
    I have only about a 100 college credits in physics and chemistry, and maybe 30 in math above calculus, about a third of that at the graduate level. If he can’t convince me, maybe he needs more people who accept his pontifications unquestioningly rather than more people who have a good understanding of science. After all, he is an Aztec Climate Shaman who demands blood sacrifices.

  6. Petit_Barde says:

    “We need to invest more in public knowledge of science”

    Actually a very funny conclusion – almost monty pythonian – after such a ridiculously arrogant claim.

  7. rah says:

    There is far more evidence for solar activity having something to do with disrupting the flow of polar jet streams than any green house gas.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      He seems to be pretty much on target if this year sustains a long hard winter. Recently, I’ve been wondering if we ever really got out of the Little Ice Age, and that maybe the last 100 years or so was just an interlude.

  8. conrad ziefle says:

    The reason that they are identical is probably because both ideas are wrong.

  9. I am reminded of the mental gymnastics employed by flat Earther’s to find post hoc ‘explanations’ for phenomena which clearly refute their nonsense. If the theory were worth anything, it would have predicted the cold weather beforehand, but no, it is a post hoc explanation, contrived after the fact. This is pseudo-science.

  10. Nicholas Liam McGinley says:

    Those two cartoons look to me like what is taught in physical geography first semester, as the difference between Winter and Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
    The jet stream does become zonal at times, but never for very long in Winter, and it is never way up in northern Canada in Winter, only in Summer.

  11. Snipelee says:

    So when I was a 13-yr old, my parents decided to make the move from New England to Florida due to the coming new ice age. We had endured some pretty hard winters and the ‘scientists” assured us that this was the new normal. My uncle had a snow-plowing business that was growing like gangbusters in suburban Boston. Just a few years later, the snow stopped, the plowing business was bankrupt and my uncle sold all his equipment for pennies on the dollar. And of course, just a few years later, the snows returned with a vengeance! It’s called “weather’ folks.

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