The End Is Near

David Attenborough says the end of the world is near due to a one part per thousand increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past century.

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14 Responses to The End Is Near

  1. Margaret Smith says:

    He used to be so nice when he was young but now he’s evil, spouting something he knows to be false and wishing the death of vast numbers of people. I shock people, who think he’s a national treasure, by telling them this.

    A friend of mine who is hard to talk to because she never shuts up, was astounded when I told her this and I had succeeded it getting her to listen quietly. She asked only one question then listened again. She will have reassessed Attenborough.

  2. Louis J Hooffstetter says:

    David Attenborough’s series ‘Life on Earth’ helped inspire me to study geology, and back then I admired him greatly. But it’s been sad to watch this brilliant naturalist drink the climate change Kool-Aid and slowly morph into a rank propagandist. The lowest point of Attenborough’s career was when his film crew (while filming a segment for ‘Our Planet’), chased walruses off a cliff in order to film them falling to their deaths and blame ‘climate change’:
    Now I have zero respect for this man.

    • Jack the Insider says:

      100% agree, used to be a fan but now he appears as nothing more than a buffoon.
      It is sad that the memory of him will be destroyed by the propaganda he now pedals.

      In another incredibly deceitful piece of recent filming about the Great Barrier Reef, he places a piece of coral in a fish tank full of battery acid. As the coral bubbles and fizzes in the tank he claims this is what is happening to our oceans.

  3. Does he really believe a word of it, or does he recall what happened to David Bellamy? Like a high proportion of the alarmist lobby, he has sold his soul for the thirty pieces of silver. The irony is that all the catastrophes to which he refers, will be caused by the very measures intended to stop the non-existent climate crisis.

    • Trevor says:

      I agree Gordon. Every policy they put in place to address Climate Change will be the only reason we will have lack of food and lack of security. These people are pure evil. I just dont understand what the end game is intended to be. If they drive the world into the dumpster, do they really think they will be the ones to survive and have a luxurious lifestyle? Every revolution in history teaches otherwise.

  4. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Attenborough’s propaganda is being fed to State grade school pupils in Australia. When the name Attenborough came up over the dinner table, my fourth-grade granddaughter exclaimed, Oh no! Not David Attenborough AGAIN!

  5. The Dark Lord says:

    I think its 1 part per 10,000 actually … 100 ppm = 1/10,000

  6. Peter Carroll says:

    The late British comedian Marty Feldman, coined a phrase that fits Attenborough perfectly. Marty once referred to a judge, as a, “tea slurping old fart”!

  7. MGJ says:

    We will probably never find out his motivation for spouting what he must surely know to be false. He doesn’t have the excuse of either ignorance nor stupidity, nor did he pass through the government indoctrination camps while at school or university. That doesn’t leave much to account for his motivation. Maybe a desperate craving for attention or blackmail.

  8. Jeff L. says:

    It’s one part per 10,000 not one part per thousand.

    400/1,000,000 – 300/1,000,000 = 100/1,000,000 = 1/10,000.

  9. toorightmate says:

    I demand an answer:
    Why was “nigh” replaced by “near” in stipulating that magnificently precise prediction for the “end”?
    I have had a gut full of these WOKE monsters!!!!!

  10. Dayna says:

    Good grief, if ANY of these climate change worshippers actually believed this bunk they would not be living such absurdly lavish lifestyles. That in a nutshell proves they don’t believe it.

  11. nfw says:

    The End is near? Not again.

  12. Don says:

    He’s 96, he is sadly showing that age.

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