Elon Musk Vs. The Press

3:36 AM · Dec 3, 2022

9:35 PM · Dec 3, 2022

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7 Responses to Elon Musk Vs. The Press

  1. GWS says:

    The mainstream media depends for it’s life on being able to filter the news, not report it. They want the public to be chained in a cave and only see shadows on the wall, instead of going outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Some will even fight you if you try to remove their chains.

  2. Rah says:

    First it was: Twitter is dead.

    Now it is: Twitter is doing well and it’s stock is rising, but it won’t last.

    Next it will be: The government must kill Twitter!

  3. Steve Soke says:

    Tony, 2 off topic questions
    1) Is there a way for those of us supporting you to send you a message other than commenting on a post?

    2) Can you ‘do your thing’ researching the Euphrates River as a response to this video? (my guess is you will show us nothing to see here, we are just entering a Normal Draught Weather Phase of the Region’s Climate – or the river is being sucked dry up-stream as you described re: the Rio Grande

    Title: “Something Terrifying is Happening with the Drying Euphrates River”, youtube link https://youtu.be/Dsv1byLSlw8

    Thanks and keep up the super informative, cross verified with period weather reporting, and your excellent historical data graphing capability – which you made FREE to anyone.

    • arn says:

      1) The Euphrates has been drying in a big way since sommer of last year,
      as the turks who control most of the waterflow have reduced it.
      The turks blame the kurds for the water shortage.
      ( considering that the kurds are in bed with USA and the USA are doing everything to punish the Syrians- stealing their oil just isn’t enough – until they don’t replace Assad with an American Zelensky puppet i wouldn’t rule this out.)

      2) I didn’t bother to watch the whole video,just lurked in a little bit ,
      but if ancient buildings and artificial caves can now be found,
      then the Euphrates must have been dry for long periods of time.

    • arn says:

      If you are interested in the biblical aspect,as the video you linked suggest.
      I’d suggest to watch some Jonathan Cahn Videos.
      He has some extraordinary skills in combining and associating new testament prophecies to current happenings – (though I’m in no way religiously qualified how valid his conclusions in the bigger picture are).

      But he has some interesting takes about stuff like the Arch of Baal that was set up 6 years ago (very man made,no mysticism,but the “archeologists&experts” were very keen and persistent to built it up in all major money capitols on this planet to )

  4. By ‘signal to noise’ I assume Musk means the ratio of fact to unsupported opinion. I can see why the left are worried.

  5. Gamecock says:

    “The mainstream media depends for it’s life on being able to filter the news”

    I was shocked Sunday evening when on Fox News’ Trey Gowdy show, a pic was captioned “Twitter documents leaked by Elon Musk.”

    LEAKED ?!?! WTF !!!

    The owner of a company sharing documents is not a damn “leak.”

    Fox News drifts further and further Left.

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